How do I add members to a chat?

How do I add members to a chat?

You can add members to a 1-1 Chat and Group Chat.

  • In a 1-1 chat select Add Participants under Actions in the bottom right corner. In a group chat click on the Add participants icon in the chat header.
  • plus (+) will appear in the text box followed by user suggestions. Type the required user, select from the list and hit Enter. 
  • A prompt will appear with a small info where you can add the user to your chat or choose to start a new group chat! 
    Note: On selecting create new chat in the prompt, a new group chat will be created with existing and added users. 

Tip: You can also directly type (+) in the text bar and proceed with adding a user or click on participants count below the chat heading (group chat) to add a user.

Points to be noted before you add users to a 1-1 chat: 

  1.  Adding a user to a 1-1 chat will give themaccess to all the previous conversations of that 1-1 chat. 
  2. You should start a new 1-1 chat if you want to converse with the user whose chat you have converted to a group chat.
    Example: If Lewis adds Olivia in his 1-1 chat with Scott, then that will become a group chat and Lewis will have to start a new 1-1 chat if he wants to have a conversation with Scott. 
  3. Once a group chat it will always remain a group chat, i.e. removing all users from the group chat will not convert it back to a 1-1 chat. 
    Add participants to 1-1 chat by typing (+) in text box or by selecting 'Add participants' under Actions

    Click on the add participant icon in the chat header for group chats


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