How do I add a recovery phone number?

How do I add a recovery phone number?

In case you forget your password or cannot sign in for some reason, adding a recovery phone number will let you get back your Zoho account. We strongly recommend you set up a recovery phone number. To add a recovery phone number:

  • In User Panel click My Zoho Account.
  • In the accounts page that opens, select My Profile Info -> Phone Numbers.
  • Click Add Phone button at the top right corner, type your phone number and click Add Phone.
  • A One-time password (OTP) will be sent to your phone. Enter the OTP at the given text box and click 'Verify my Mobile'. 


  • To secure your account, make sure the phone number you use for recovery is not accessed my multiple people.
  • You cannot use the same phone number for recovery option and for two factor authentication.

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