Zoho Cliq 5.0

AI-driven, enterprise-ready collaboration

Supercharge your collaboration with Zoho Cliq’s latest features coupled with AI brilliance, large-scale virtual events, and enterprise-centered features.

AI-driven, enterprise-ready collaboration

Experience virtual meetings like never before

Go big with virtual meetings. Accommodate audio and video collaboration for a large audience across devices, right from your office conference room, home, or anywhere else.

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Dedicated app for conference rooms

Use Cliq across your conference room TVs and attend meetings together as a team by logging into one device.

Live events for double the fun

Organize and conduct large-scale virtual events across your organization, not just with a live camera feed, but with options to showcase custom filler videos and images during breaks and session timeouts.

Direct call recording

Record your direct audio and video calls with colleagues for future reference.

Synergize your enterprise communication

Enterprise communication is not just about messaging, conferencing, and file sharing. Be in complete control of your organization’s communication with data security, detailed reports, advanced admin controls, and more.

Enterprise security, data retention, and usage analysis

  • Protect your organization’s data and assets with eDiscovery and data retention policies. These are necessary for compliance audits, lawsuits, and intellectual property theft, as you can quickly locate and provide the necessary evidence to support.

  • With audit trails, maintain a record of all critical actions performed by specific users across different modules or chats.

  • Get detailed usage reports on how your organization uses Cliq features, and drive clear insights.

One-stop management for your channels

Want better control over all the channels in your organization? With centralized channel management in the admin panel, access every channel created in your organization and manage them effortlessly.

Auto-replies when you are away

Set automated responses for when you are out of office, and keep your colleagues updated about your next availability when they reach out.

Status message control across the organization

Manage status configurations for your entire organization, including the message options available, the time limits for every status, and custom statuses.

Collaborate with AI brilliance

Feel the magic touch of AI in everything you do with Zoho Cliq. With our AI-enhanced features, we aim to make work a breeze for you and improve the quality of business collaboration.

Access to meeting transcripts

Go through meeting recordings and closely follow the discussion with AI-generated meeting transcripts along with a detailed meeting summary.


Auto-suggestions for channels

Get channel recommendations based on your recent activity and interests, and quickly join them to stay updated.

Tone analysis and auto-correction for messages

See the perceived tone of your messages and receive smart suggestions on text you send in chats.

Summary of unread messages

Save time going through every unread message in your account and get the context without opening them.

Transform the way you work every day

It's all in the details. We've worked on other minor updates to step up your collaboration experience with Zoho Cliq.



Your widgets in Zoho Cliq now support images and cards with which you can create image galleries or carousels, product showcases and other immersive visual content.

Configure link unfurling for specific domains with custom options within an extension.



Pin more than one important message in a conversation for quick access.



Start screen share sessions during calls and meetings.

Schedule messages on the go.

Access settings and make changes to your ChatGPT bot.

Experience interactive widgets just like you do with the web version.

Your enterprise collaboration, mastered

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