• Accessing Zoho Cliq

    Zoho Cliq is a part of Zoho’s suite of online collaboration, business and productivity applications. You will be able to access Zoho Cliq by using your common account for all Zoho Services (hereinafter “Zoho Account”).

  • Using the Zoho Cliq platform

    By using the Zoho Cliq platform, you agree to all of Zoho's general Terms and conditions.

  • You will not recreate existing integrations

    You can create an integration for Zoho Cliq with any software but cannot recreate existing integrations that have already been published in the marketplace. You can however, create an integration with an app that has already been listed if and only if you will not create an integration that will carry out the same functions as the previous existing integration.

  • You will provide the necessary description for the app

    By creating the integration, you agree to provide the necessary description, user guide material, and other content necessary for our customers to use. Content, tech support, and release upgrades should be provided whenever needed to keep the app in good health.

  • The integration will be tested to perform the intended functionalities

    The integration will have all the features that are mentioned in the description section and will not have any kind of false promises. Any app with a misleading description about the functionality will either be removed or sent back to the publisher for editing and published again.

  • Accessing Customer data

    You agree that you will not use the customers data through your extension either directly or by storing it for later use. The data obtained in the extension will be mentioned in the description and will be used only to provide contextual actions to provide better experience to the customer.

  • You will provide necessary assistance to clients

    You agree to provide required assistance to our customers when they have any app related questions that may be about how they can make use of the integration. An email id and phone number (on request) is to be provided on the webpage.

  • Necessary approval of pricing

    Zoho does not take any kind of commission for bringing these apps to our customers. Customers installing the apps will pay you, the developer directly on your website. However, the pricing and refund policies will be the same as Zoho's official pricing policy. 

  • Zoho Cliq team can review your code

    Zoho Cliq's technical team reserves the right to review or reveal the code you have written for the integration before it is to be listed in our marketplace for customers. By doing so, Zoho will not duplicate