Add-ons and Integrations


      Zoho Apps

      • Zoho CRM
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Connect your Zoho CRM account and enable collaboration for your sales team. View sales info in your chat window.

      • Zoho Books
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Stay on top of customer activities and payments by connecting your Zoho Books account with Cliq.

      • Zoho Expense
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Submit, approve or reject expense reports right from your char window by connecting your Zoho Expense account with Cliq.

      • Zoho Subscriptions
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Monitor your business' health with updates on new subscriptions, invoice payments, and more by integrating your Zoho Subscriptions account with Cliq.

      • Zoho Invoice
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        View and share your invoices and estimates in your chat window with the Zoho Invoice integration.

      • Manage Engine- Service Desk Plus
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Raise incidents, search and share requests from any chat window with the Service Desk Plus integration.

      • Zoho Desk
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        View tickets, get instant updates and monitor daily ticket activity from your chat window.

      • Zoho Checkout
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        View instant payment notifications on Cliq.

      • Zoho Inventory
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Stay up to date on your inventory levels and order status of your online marketplaces, shopping carts and more with the Zoho Inventory integration.

      • Zoho Projects
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Turn Cliq into a productivity powerhouse with easy access to your projects, real-time notifications on task, issue updates targeted reports, and more.

      • Zoho Sprints
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Stay on top of all your activities and keep your sales team updated by getting to access your data with no trouble.

      • Zoho Mail
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Keep a track of all your important messages and convert them swiftly into tasks, notes, posts, or bookmarks in Zoho Mail.

      • Zoho Flow
        Zoho AppsLearn More

        Integrate Zoho Cliq with over 40 Zoho apps and 450+ third-party apps, via Zoho Flow. The best part? No code!

      Cliq Essentials

      • Poll Bot
        Cliq EssentialsLearn More

        Launch polls in your chat to bring your team onboard and include everyone in the conversation.

      • Feeds Arena
        Cliq EssentialsLearn More

        Receive timely feeds on topics that interest you and stay updated on the daily digest.

      • Scrum For Zoho Cliq
        Cliq EssentialsLearn More

        Create and delegate tasks to your teammates, run stand-up meetings in channels, and manage your entire workflow with agility.

      Customer Support

      • ZenDesk
        Customer SupportLearn More

        Easily find and share open, pending and other ticket information from your ZenDesk account.

      • PagerDuty
        Customer SupportLearn More

        Get notified of incidents real-time, collaborate with your team, and streamline your workflow.

      Dev Ops

      • GitLab
        Dev OpsLearn More

        Manage and organize your projects and receive instant updates on connected projects using the GitLab extension for Cliq.

      • GitHub
        Dev OpsLearn More

        Manage your repository and automate your workflows using the GitHub extension for Cliq.

      • Bitbucket
        Dev OpsLearn More

        Manage team code repositories right within Cliq.

      • Crashlytics
        Dev OpsLearn More

        Receive real-time notifications for your Android device crashes.

      • SolarWinds
        Dev OpsLearn More

        Receive real-time status updates of your website load-speed, issues, and more, right within Cliq.

      File Management

      • Dropbox
        File ManagementLearn More

        View and access your personal and shared Dropbox files within Cliq.

      • Box
        File ManagementLearn More

        Access your Box files on Cliq and share them with your team with ease.

      • Google Drive
        File ManagementLearn More

        Find and share files from your Google Drive account with your colleagues and teams.

      • OneDrive
        File ManagementLearn More

        Manage your files and allow for seamless movement of data within your organization.


      • Use Yelp on Cliq to find restaurants, gyms and just about any local business near you.

      • Zomato
        FunLearn More

        Scout for your favourite and popular restaurants in your locality from within the Cliq interface.

      • Youtube
        FunLearn More

        Search for and share the Youtube video of your choice, right within Cliq.

      • Secure n Send
        FunLearn More

        Use a secret key to send masked messages on Cliq.

      • Take some time out to generate and share funny memes in Cliq!

      • Tenor
        FunLearn More

        Search for and choose from a wide range of GIFs to share with colleagues.

      • Meetup
        FunLearn More

        Find events near you, and meet like-minded people along the way, right within Cliq.


      • Mailchimp
        MarketingLearn More

        Find and share email campaign statistics with your colleagues with the Mail Chimp Integration.

      • Google Analytics
        MarketingLearn More

        Track your website metrics and keep important insights within reach.

      • Eventbrite
        MarketingLearn More

        Manage your events better with this Eventbrite integration. Receive notifications regarding upcoming events, tickets sold, and gross sales.


      • Zapier
        ProductivityLearn More

        Streamline your workflows, automate routine tasks and connect your workplace apps, right on Cliq.

      • Stackoverflow
        ProductivityLearn More

        Share and exchange programming-related knowledge, ideas and questions on Cliq.

      • Covid-19 For Zoho Cliq
        ProductivityLearn More

        Put the safety of your employees first with the COVID-19 tracker for Cliq.

      • DocuSign
        ProductivityLearn More

        Manage pending envelopes and receive due notifications on document events.

      • Dictionary
        ProductivityLearn More

        Check the meaning of any word right from your chat window!

      Project Management Analytics

      • Trello
        Project Management AnalyticsLearn More

        View, access and make comments on your Trello boards, lists, and cards on Cliq.

      • Asana
        Project Management AnalyticsLearn More

        Carry out uninterrupted team tracking with the Cliq extension for Asana.

      • Todoist
        Project Management AnalyticsLearn More

        Create, assign, and manage your tasks and projects in a more organized and productive way.

      • Wrike
        Project Management AnalyticsLearn More

        Accomplish more by merging your workflows and tasks together.

      • MeisterTask
        Project Management AnalyticsLearn More

        Collaborate and manage your projects intuitively with Meistertask integration for Cliq.


      • Pipedrive
        SalesLearn More

        Derive insights on your deals and streamline your sales process and progress effortlessly.

      • HubSpot
        SalesLearn More

        Collaborate with your team and stay updated on CRM activities straight from chat!

      Video Collaboration

      • Whereby
        Video CollaborationLearn More

        Make video calls with your team right within your chat window.

      • GoToMeeting
        Video CollaborationLearn More

        Hold productive meetings, turn your ongoing chats into face-to-face video conferences, and collaborate efficiently with your team.

      • GoToWebinar
        Video CollaborationLearn More

        Zest up your process right from creating a webinar to handling and tracking the progress and host professional webinars in Cliq.

      Other Apps

      • Stripe
        Other AppsLearn More

        Accept payments, send payouts, and manage your business online with ease.