Streamlined communication for your business

Zoho Cliq's secure chat platform facilitates business conversations, whether they're between internal teams or with external stakeholders. With hybrid work features like video conferencing and customizable messaging channels, your teams can work together from anywhere.

Streamlined communication
Streamlined communication

Brands using Zoho Cliq

  • credit access
  • iifl
  • health anf glow
  • skilled
  • vitalaxis
  • ECE contact centers

Your central hub for uninterrupted collaboration

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Everything that matters, all in one place

Connect without limitations

Break down silos in your organization and connect with colleagues effortlessly. Be it internal communication or external communication with vendors and agencies, keep conversations flowing through chats, channels, and online meetings in Zoho Cliq.

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Communicate with ease

Find the best time to start discussions. Communicate instantly and arrive at conclusions with synchronous communication tools like calls, or schedule your conversations and work with teammates across time zones using asynchronous voice and video messages.

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Collaborate with maximum productivity

Keep your team on track and save time with better planning. Unlock the full potential of online meetings with a collaborative whiteboard and screen sharing. Manage your day-to-day tasks and stay on top of your schedule with the built-in calendar. Plus, meet all your deadlines with contextual reminders.

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Centralize conversations and information

Maintain a centralized hub for your teams. With Zoho Cliq, you can give your employees access to people, data, and actions in the same space, while also displaying information from your key external apps through integrations.

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Customize your overall experience

Make Zoho Cliq your own. With Cliq's admin panel, explore the range of customizations available for your business by setting up your own domain, brand assets, and themes. Have the app work the way you want with easy-to-build components in Cliq’s developer platform.

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Why Businesses love Zoho Cliq

We use Cliq every minute of every hour of every day. Without Cliq, our communication would have been a lot more difficult. Cliq has been the biggest surprise. We never even thought about bringing a product like that into printIQ, but once we started using it, the email traffic internally dropped significantly and now everyone is chatting all the time across the world over Cliq.

Adrian FlemingGlobal Director of Sales, printIQ

Zoho Cliq is not only a chat application, but also an information lifeline for the company. We can easily collaborate on multiple projects, attend meetings and screen-sharing sessions, and instantly exchange documents to bring out the best campaigns for our clients. It helps us feel that we are working together (physically) even when we are not.

Xavier TanCo-Founder, Heroes of Digital
One Business soplution
One Business soplution

Designed to suit your needs

No matter the industry, communication is key. Zoho Cliq is designed to accommodate all kinds of teams and businesses.


With Cliq’s enterprise-grade security and admin controls, members of your organization can communicate securely.

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Hybrid work

Connect with employees across time zones with online collaboration tools.

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Build and deploy software with Zoho Cliq’s built-in developer tools. Share code snippets, identify bugs, review progress, and iterate, all from the Cliq platform.

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Conduct trainings, courses, and webinars with virtual meetings, screen sharing, whiteboard collaboration, channels, and file sharing.

Getting started is simple

Zoho Cliq is easy to set up. Kick-start your internal communication in a few clicks.

1. Sign up

Create a new account by filling in your organization’s details.

2. Set up

Navigate to Cliq’s admin panel to get your organization account ready.

3. Onboard

Start onboarding your employees as users and start collaborating!

Get Cliq for mobile

Collaborate with your team even while you are away from your desktop with Zoho Cliq for mobile and wearables.

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Easy migration

Migrating from your existing solution to Cliq is a breeze. Our help guides show you how to import your data so you can pick up right where you left off.

Full-time support

Looking for help or a product demo? Get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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