What are the possible errors my customers could face while using a payment page created using Zoho Checkout?

Your customers could run into the following errors while using your payment pages:

Error Code What caused this? What can you do?
CP1001 The payment page that you’ve created is inactive. Go to Payment Pages tab, select the payment page, and mark it as live.
  • The payment page is in the Draft status.
  • Your organization is in the Blocked status.
  • All the users in your organization are currently marked as inactive.
  • You’ve reached the maximum number of payments for your current plan.
CP2001 You have not set up default taxes for your organization. Go to Settings > Taxes and create a default tax.
CP2011 Digital service plans/add-ons cannot be included in the invoice along with goods or other services. Create separate payment pages for digital services.
CP2012 Customer’s billing country does not match the EU tax member state that you’ve associated with the plan or add-on (digital service). You’ll get this error only when you’ve enabled VAT MOSS for your organization. Make sure that the customer belongs to your organization’s tax registered member state.
CP2013 You have not entered the product type for the plan or add-on for which your customer is trying to subscribe.  Edit the plan/add-on in Zoho Billing and specify whether the product is a good, service or digital service.
CP3001 You have not enabled reference transactions in your merchant account. Enable reference transactions in your merchant account.
CP3002 You have configured the payment gateway with invalid credentials or have made recent changes to your merchant account. Re-enter the correct credentials by going to Settings > Payment Gateways.
CP3003 The payment has been declined due to the fraud detection filters that you’ve set up in your merchant account. Verify if the transaction was fraudulent or not. Moderate your fraud filters, if necessary.
CP3004 The transaction has been declined as the payment gateway couldn’t verify the address of your customer. Enable the address fields for your payment pages from Settings > Templates.
CP3005 A transaction with the same amount and card details was made within a few minutes of the previous transaction. Ask your customers to try again after a few minutes.
CP4001 The transaction amount is less than the minimum amount allowed by the payment gateway. This may be due to the discounts or credits applied. Make sure that the transaction amount is greater than the minimum transaction amount.
CP4002 Payment gateway that you’ve configured doesn’t support recurring payments. Configure a payment gateway which supports recurring payments.
CP4003 The payment gateways that you’ve configured don’t support the transaction currency. Configure a payment gateway which supports the transaction currency.