What is the difference between a trial, free and test organization?

Trial Organization:

When you first sign up for Zoho Checkout, you are provided with a trial organization. It is valid for 15 days, after which you will be moved to a free organization. Using a trial organization, you can try out all of our features and integrations.

Free Organization:

When your 15 day trial expires, you’ll be moved to a free organization. In a free organization, you’ll have certain restrictions:

You can upgrade your Free organization any time by clicking Upgrade on the top right corner of your screen.

Test Organization:

A Test organization is a sandbox platform where you can test out all the features and functionalities of Zoho Checkout. It is not possible to create a test organization directly using Zoho Checkout, so you would have to use a test organization created in Zoho Subscriptions. Using a Test organization, you will not be able to make any live transactions. Once you’ve finished testing, you can take your organization live by clicking create a live organization on the top of your screen.