Does Zoho Checkout support discount coupons?

Yes, You can create multiple discount coupons and associate it to your payment pages. To create a coupon:

New Coupon

Field Description
Coupon Name Name of the coupon.
Coupon Code The code that your customers can use to avail the discount.
Discount The discount that is applied. Can be a percentage of the total amount or a flat amount.
Redemption Type
  • One Time : Applied once, during checkout.
  • Forever: Applied on all payments in a recurring payment and once for one-time payments.
  • Limited Number of Times: Applied on the specified number of successive payments in a recurring payment and once in a one-time payment.

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Valid Upto A date after which the coupon cannot be redeemed.
Maximum Redemption A limit for the number of times the coupon can be redeemed.