What are Channels?

Channels connect your entire organization, allowing everyone to participate in topic-specific discussions. Channels can be private, public, or for a specific team. They are pretty much like the social network of your organization. Channels are available for organizational users only.


Benefits of Channels

  • Information in a channel is shared in a free flowing manner which brings to an organization that much required transparency
  • Any user from the org can join, converse and leave public channels, as per their convenience.
  • All the org members who join the channels can view the history and can continue the conversation in the channels.

How do I create a channel?

To create a channel:

  • Click on the (+) icon next to channels in the sidebar on the left.  
  • Then click on the Create Channel button.


  • Now enter a Name for your channel.
  • Select the type of channel. There are three types of channels available for you to choose from.
  1. Public: Visible to all the org members. Any member of the org can view, join and converse in the channel.
  2. Team: Visible only to the members of the teams/groups for which you are creating the channel. Any member of the team/group can view, join and converse in the channel.
  3. Private: channels are only visible to the individual colleagues you invite to the channel, and only those colleagues can join or chat within them. Private Channels also have an option to invite Guests, including people who are from outside your organization.
  • Provide a description of your channel and then click on the Create option.
  • If you are an org Administrator, the channel will be created instantly. If not, an Approval request is sent via mail/chat to the Administrator of the org.
  • Once the Administrator Approves, your channel will be created and made available for access.


What are Public channels?

An organization-wide public channel, which is pretty much like the social network of you organization, where content is shared in a free-flowing manner. This channel is open for anyone in your organization to join without permission. Bring together all your folks to discuss on absolutely anything. For instance, cricket, photography etc. All organizational channels are visible to everyone in the org and listed under the More Channels You can Join tab.


What are Team channels?

In Team channel, only the members of a team can be a part of and participate in the channel. The team members do not require any sort of permissions. Get all your team related content, context and conversations at one place. Share files, have discussions, view status of your team activities - all of it in real time from any device. For example, Sales leads, build updates, High deal alerts etc.


What are Private channels?

A channel designed to fit one's need to handpick members for a conversation. Members here may include people from outside the organization as well, such as vendors and customers provided they have a Zoho account. A few examples of the private channel could be, trip to Paris, Network vendor, Event feedback from participants etc. This channel is visible to only those who are invited.  

How do I view and join available channels?

To view the available channels:

  • Click on the (+) icon next to channels in the left sidebar.
  • The channels available for you to join are the ones listed below Channels you can Join.
  • Clicking on a channel to open the recent activities tab.
  • Here you can see the channel name, who created it and when along with it's recent conversation history.
  • Clicking on the Join button will make you a part of that channel. You will now be able to see all the past conversations and participate in the channel.


How to Chat in a Public Channel?

Public channels are for everyone in the org to participate. You can join the channel to converse with the members in the channel.


Where can I see the channels I'm already a part of?

The channels you have joined are listed under the Channels heading. Click to view or participate in the channel.


How do I leave/exit a Channel?

To leave a channel, click Actions -> leave option at the bottom right of the chat window. If you do wish to join the channel again, search for the channel and click on the Join button.


How do I control channel notifications?

To mute a channel notification, click Actions -> Mute, select the time period for which you wish to mute the channel for. You can mute the channel for a period of up to 1 week.