How do I add a contact to my list?

To add contacts to your list:

  • Click on the (+) symbol near contacts in the left sidebar.


  • The Invite Contact dialogue box will appear. Enter the email address of the person you wish to add.
  • Click the Invite button.
  • A chat invite will be sent via e-mail to the user you're inviting. A notification will be shown in other Zoho products, as well.
  • Once the invited user approves your request, the user is listed in your Contacts along with their availability status.

Keyboard Shortcut to invite a contact: CTRL+Shift+a


How do I start a chat with a Contact?

To start chatting from your contact list:

  • Click on the contact name with whom you wish to chat.


  • A chat window will open. Type your message and hit enter to start chatting.


How can I quickly search for and chat with a contact?

  • Click the search bar at the top of your screen. Type the name of the contact you're searching for, and hit Enter.
  • A chat window will open. Type the message in the text area and hit Enter to begin chatting.


How is my contact list organized?

Your contacts are listed in the left sidebar, under the Contacts section. Your Pinned Chats appear first, followed by your recent chats.


The rest of your contacts will be listed alphabetically under More Contacts, based on their availability status. Click show more to see these Contacts.


How can I view more info about my Contact?

Hover over the Contact whom you wish to see more info about. Basic information like Name, Status, and Email Address will appear.


To see more info, click on the (i) icon in the bottom left corner.


How can I chat with people in my organization without adding them to my Contact list?

To chat with colleagues without adding them to your Contact list, just type the name or email address in the search bar. Then hit Enter to begin chatting.

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How can I rename a Contact?

To rename a contact, click on the Contact's name in the sidebar, then type the desired name, and hit Enter. A confirmation dialog box will appear, click on the "Rename the Contact" button to confirm.


The changed name will appear in your Contacts list.