Notifications ensures that one is notified on everything that requires your attention.

How do I configure sound notification?

To configure notifications, click the grey gear icon at the top right to access Settings. In Settings, click on Personalize. From here you can set your preferences for when you'll hear a sound notification and when you'll receive a visual notification.

In Settings -> Personalize -> Sound tab, check the categories for which you would like to get the sound notification.


There are five types of notifications. Check or uncheck the boxes to make your selections. Click on the Play symbol next to each check box to hear the sound.

  • New Chat - Let's you know when someone has started a conversation with you.
  • New Chat Message – Let's you know when you've received a new message from an ongoing chat.
  • New Feeds – Notifies you on reception of new feed.
  • User Status Change – Notifies you when someone updates their status.
  • Calendar Events – Notifies for a Reminder set in the calendar event.

Note: To remove the sound notifications uncheck the box.


How do I configure Visual Notifications?

In Settings -> Personalize ->Visual Alert, check the categories for which you would like to have a visual alert for on your screen.


There are five types of notifications. Check or uncheck the boxes to make your selections.

  • New Message
  • New Feed
  • User Status Change
  • Calendar Events

Note: To remove the Visual Alerts uncheck the box.

How to configure Desktop Notifications?

Chats are notified with a message count near the name of the Contact/Group, these are your desktop notifications. To receive a sound notification for the same, turn on the sound notification.


To receive the visual notification on the screen, turn on the Visual alerts.


What are @mentions? How to Use @mentions in Chat?

To ensure an important message reaches the right person in a group chat, use @mentions followed by the name of the person you want to notify. All such mentions collectively will be displayed under the mentions section in the top bar and an email will also be sent to notify the same.


If your name is mentioned in a 1-1 chat conversation which you are not a part of, then the 5 previous message in the chat session along with the @mention comment will be mailed to you.


The Feed Notifier

The Feed Notifier collects the feed from other Zoho products like Zoho Docs, Calendar and so forth.


when do I receive missed chat notifications in my email?

If you log out of Zoho Chat, then the chats you receive when you are offline will be sent via Email notification.


Where can I see my @ mentions?

To see you're mentions, click the grey @ icon at the top right of the screen.