Candidate, Roles and Security

Zoho Challenge comes packed with powerful security features that cater to real time assessment needs. Starting from support for multiple roles to features that prevent users from taking tests outside your office - Zoho Challenge has got 'em all.

Multiple Roles

Zoho Challenge supports multiple evaluators, facilitated by a single administrator and of course multiple candidates. Each of these roles come with contextually defined permissions. An evaluator can create new question banks or collaborate in existing question banks, add questions, create and assign tests and even do manual evaluation if it demands. A candidate can login and take tests and also view all their tests and results online.


Email, Login & Code restricted Tests

Restricting who can take the test need not always involve a user id creation and login. A simple email would do. When that is not possible a code can be generated and distributed. Zoho Challenge can handle all this with aplomb.

A candidate can return to the test with the same link / code and view the test results too. Now, that is neat!

Batch Support

You can not only invite candidates, but also group them into batches - and assign tests to the entire batch. Later review results and statistics across the batch. Batch support is also getting more powerful by the day.


You can invite multiple evaluators to your challenge account. Each evaluator can also collaborate amongst themselves and with candidates. They can also collaboratively evaluate question papers, review and comment with candidates and more.

Secure Testing

Zoho Challenge has advanced security features. You can easily determine - who can take the test, when they can take a test and how long each attempt can last. These are basic.

You can also control WHERE they can take a test from. Yes. You can setup a proxy server at work or school and restrict that a candidate can take the test only from that server. Closest you get to hosting the test in your campus!

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