Question Banks

Organize questions into Question banks. Quizzes are sourced from these question banks. Zoho Challenge offers you further classification of questions into tags.

Multiple Question Bank support

You can organize your questions into multiple question banks. Not only that! Question papers can exploit multiple question banks to source their questions - including for picking random questions. Question banks also provide a layer of access control. You can share each question bank with a set of evaluators - folks who help you accumulate questions, organize tests and even help with candidate evaluation.


Tag Questions

Tagging is a convenient way of organizing questions within a question bank. For instance if you have a question bank called physics, you can tag questions as "optics" and so on. You can also use tags to classify questions as hard, easy, medium. Tags offer a convenient, free-wheeling method for question organization.

Multiple Evaluators

If you are a school, business and even a bunch of students engaged in peer study, you will appreciate the multiple evaluator feature. You can share individual question banks to one or more evaluators - who then help you with bringing in questions, defining tests and if need be manually evaluating them. Thus a school or business can buy one account and split it across multiple evaluators (by chosen field of study?). Collaboration at work!

Source Question Paper from multiple question banks

Questions for each question paper can be sourced from several question banks. You can pick specific questions or tell Zoho Challenge to randomly pick questions based on some criteria (question bank, tag and score). Ever felt the need to create a mock question paper sourced from different question bank and a real question paper sourced partially from an exclusive question bank? Now you can do that with ease.

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