Zoho Catalyst is a

Complete serverless suite

Serverless functions

Build your Node.js and Java functions on a serverless, event-driven compute platform.

Serverless function

Relational datastore

Use our relational datastore as a serverless database for your server-side and client deployments.

Relational datastore
Relational datastore

Event listeners

Blend your serverless code with data from across any SaaS service or data source.

Event listeners1
Event listeners2

AI kit

Detect anomalies, scan barcodes, detect objects and text from image files, and do a lot more using AI-powered APIs.

AI kit1AI kit2

Build more by doing less

We’ve built a platform that is simple in design, but extremely powerful.

Code comfortably from any editor

Comfortably from any editor

Create functions, work on projects, and easily deploy to production from within the comforts of your CLI, or any code editor of your choice.

A secure deployment pipeline

A secure deployment pipeline

Deploy your work with confidence after securely testing them in Zoho Catalyst’s sandbox environment.

Powered by our life’s work1Powered by our life’s work2Powered by our life’s work3

Powered by our life’s work

Run your projects on the same infrastructure that serves Zoho’s products to over 50+ million users worldwide.

Your next project, deployed on Catalyst

Zoho Catalyst supports a wide collection of serverless use cases. Here’s what you can achieve using our platform.

  • Microservice orchestration

    Quickly deploy your code in scalable, compartmentalized components.

  • Serverless applications

    Don’t let infrastructure maintenance stop your app from scaling globally.

  • Event-driven actions

    Create automated workflows by acting on data from your enterprise SaaS stack.

  • Mobile app development

    Build iOS and Android apps without managing the backend infrastructure.

  • CI/CD pipelines

    Code your solution, test precisely, deploy effortlessly, and track usage.

  • AI solutions

    Boost your app’s functionality with Catalyst’s artificial intelligence features.

Uncomplicate your serverless costs

Other serverless platforms complicate their pricing structure and surprise developers with hidden costs. With Zoho Catalyst’s transparent, pay-per-trigger system, we only charge you for the time your functions take to execute and the Catalyst component API calls.

Get started with documentation

Beginning work on Zoho Catalyst is easy. Use the code editor of your choice or work on your projects straight from your command line.

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The story of Zoho Catalyst

The serverless platform behind the 45+ Zoho applications have been 15 years in the making. Zoho Catalyst now offers you this infrastructure for your use.

Do less to deploy more

Begin your first serverless project or integrate Zoho Catalyst into your existing serverful apps today

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