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About Natalie Söll Vertrieb GmbH

Natalie Söll has dedicated herself to the sale of SaaS and founded the young and dynamic company Natalie Söll Vertrieb GmbH in the spring of 2011. The experience we've gained from hundreds of customer projects across a wide range of company sizes and industries has made us the leading point of contact for solutions related to the Zoho product family.

Thanks to our many years of experience in the sale of industrial products and services, we have an extensive network and therefore understand the requirements for business software.

It was precisely for this reason that the choice fell to a partnership with Zoho. We're so convinced of the effectiveness of this system that we offer Zoho as the only business software solution. This allows us to focus on 100% support and service, and to give our customers serious advice.

Our customers come from a wide variety of industries, such as measurement technology, tool manufacture, construction, industrial supplies, sealing technology, mechanical processing, CNC technology, steel construction, container construction, plastics processing, and medical technology—as well as the service and trade, real estate, finance, communication, and retail sectors.

With Zoho CRM, we can offer you a sales database to control your sales processes in order to maximize your success further. Combined with marketing tools and other company-related software add-ons, you get a complete business software platform with Zoho.

Our team of around 25 specialists is at your side. Build your success on a strong foundation with our Zoho-certified experts.



Canvas Template Designs

Sample Canvas Template Design by Natalie Söll Vertrieb GmbH
Sample Canvas Template Design by Natalie Söll Vertrieb GmbH
Sample Canvas Template Design by Natalie Söll Vertrieb GmbH


  • Sales and marketing management
  • Workflow automation
  • Customization
  • Process management
  • Integrations


  • German
  • English
  • Greek
  • Russian


What our customers have to say:

"More than 3,300 customers use SIDES to manage their restaurants. For this, we at SIDES have implemented Zoho CRM through Natalie and have our Canvas customized for more than 180 employees to help focus on the data we need, like contract details, user email address, etc."

Philipp Conrad, Head of Customer Success, SIDES

"We use Zoho CRM with more than 80 users and have multiple custom fields for the tax and compliance processes within the account. In order to keep it user-friendly, we use Canvas to get the information they need in a very nice and smart view."

Yvonne Plattes, Managing Director, European Accounting

Natalie Söll

Our Experience with Canvas