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About Kumpulan Aplikasi Sempurna Sdn Bhd

Aplikasi is a prominent Zoho Partner in Malaysia, driving and promoting efficient, effective, and future-proof solutions to SMEs in Malaysia.

We provide services tailored to help accomplish a company’s digital transformation objectives. We offer implementation, training, support, and ad-hoc services to our clients. With expertise in numerous aspects of digital solutions, we understand that each client is unique and we are here to offer bespoke services aimed at meeting specific goals.

We are dedicated to becoming the leading provider of affordable enterprise-level solutions in Malaysia. We have implemented thousands of projects, saving thousands of our clients’ man hours, which translates into better resource er utilization.

We have a team of individuals with experience in different backgrounds which allows us to understand the needs of different industries and develop solutions that meet their specific business requirements.



Canvas Template Designs

Sample Canvas template design by Aplikasi
Sample Canvas template design by Aplikasi


    Marsya Alia Mohammad Zaki

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