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Tap into the power of discussions, spaces, and events with Zoho Campfire, our simple, yet impactful, social community space.

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What do you get with Campfire?

  • LandingPageFeeds & spaces
  • communityA branded community platform
  • subscriptionsMemberships & subscriptions

Connect. Engage. Grow.

With familiar social-media themed Feeds, discussion spaces, and events, turn your community into a dynamic and vibrant place. Gamify your community to boost member participation and drive engagement.

Connect. Engage. Grow.

A community that's truly yours.

Let your brand do all the talking. Customize everything, from the look and feel of your community to invitation emails, landing pages, and signup forms.

Coming soonSo flexible, you name your price.

Whether you'd like to keep your community free for all or offer paid subscriptions, we've got you covered.

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Why choose Zoho Campfire?

At Zoho Campfire, we believe in the power of bringing people together to make a difference. This is what communities are about. Uniting people regardless of geographical, language, or cultural boundaries is no easy task. Creating an online community is the first step. For your community to thrive, you'll need a little help along the way. That’s why we built Zoho Campfire, to help people navigate the fact that great things don't happen in isolation. With Zoho, you get the promise of owning your data. Our privacy and security policies are crafted with utmost care to protect your information.

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