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Improve email marketing while working from home

The webinar talks about the newness that has arrived with social distancing and working from home. Judicious use of some features and a careful choice of methods can make email marketing effective while remote working. The webinar will focus on such features and methods that will ensure the smooth functioning of email marketing.


Q1: What is 'email sending limit', does it apply to the entire organization and how does it help the email marketers?

A1: Email sending limit is a feature designed keeping in mind the users' requirements. You can send one email, two emails or more in a day. Your preferences should also reflect in the frequency of engagement from your email recipients. You should gauge the favourable limit based on recipient engagement with the earlier emails. This email limit is applicable for the entire organization and is not specific to individual campaigns. This feature helps in streamlining the email flow from the organization account. 


Q2: Can a team member view and edit the email list?

A2: The control of a team member is completely dependent on the roles and privileges provided to that member (user). If a user is provided with Standard Admin role then that user can view and edit email list. The Admin or Standard Admin decides the roles and privileges to be enjoyed by each user. The decision is done keeping in mind that all users can give their best efforts. 


Q3: Apart from the content review and approval from my organization will my content be reviewed by Zoho Campaigns too?

A3: Yes, Zoho Campaigns has a compliance team and your content will be approved once you submit it for review. The compliance team checks your content to see whether it contains any spam triggering elements. Only upon finding it compliant, your content is allowed to be sent out.


Q4:  Is it possible to have multiple sections bookmarked? Like, the complete footer section?

A4: No, it's not possible to bookmark multiple sections at once. You can bookmark individual sections and save it in the in-built library present in the template editor page. This will allow the other users in the organization to use the saved sections later.


Q5: How does metrics and list export allow us to collaborate better while working from home?

A5: The reporting metrics and contact details shared with the other teammates will allow for a proper review of things. This will keep every team member updated about the work status of different users.


Q6: What are the criteria taken into consideration by the compliance team?

A6: The compliance team mainly checks for these points- 

-The email content is not incorrect with empty or default template components

-The email has an, 'unsubscribe' link so that it allows the recipient to opt out and is also compliant with the CAN SPAM act

-Along with these, the content is also checked so as to see that it is bereft of any spam triggering elements 


Q7: How does internal notification help in the email marketing process?

A7: Internal notification in workflows helps in coordination between different members in a team. This feature enables you to share the status of your contacts in the lead nurturing funnel with the other team members. 



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