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Learn how email marketing can help you reach and engage with your customers, with Zoho Campaigns webinars.

An overview of Zoho Campaigns' latest updates

We at Zoho Campaigns have rolled out a few updates. These are done keeping in mind the ever-changing scenario of email marketing where the customers' tastes and preferences take the centre stage. Take a look at our new updates in the webinar video below.

Let's go through some of the questions that were asked during the session.

Q) How are org-level segments helpful?

A) Org-level segments will help you bring those contacts together who have one or more similar fields. Previously you could only create segments within a particular list, this only allowed you to bring similar contacts within that list together. Now you can do the same at the org level.

For instance, you have many contacts coming from one particular place but they belong to different lists. In case you wanted to bring them together you had to create a separate list altogether and manually add these contacts from different lists. Now, you can just go ahead and create a segment with the commonplace as criteria and all these contacts will be brought to one segment irrespective of them being in different lists.


Q) Before the update The "Email action" trigger could be separated into "unopen" & "open", now we can't do that. Is there a solution?

A) Yes, now you can add the Email Activity element and choose the path for the unopened, opens, and clicks.


Q) If you mark as non-marketing in "Subscription Management", this only applies to contacts within Campaigns, right? This does not block emails from CRM?

A) Contacts marked as Non-marketing will only be specific to Zoho Campaigns and not reflected in Zoho CRM


Q) Re-enrolling contacts into a workflow will allow them to simply receive the same information again, right? Why would a user want this?

A) In order to re-enroll a group of contacts you need to be clear about the criteria or the objective that the exited contacts didn't fulfill. Then you can initiate the re-enrolling of contacts into a workflow.

For instance, if a recipient is removed from the mailing list and when they have added again if you would like to send the workflow emails from starting you may enable Re-enrolling. Also, it is specific to the workflows, if you would like to enable you may enable for a specific workflow. 


Q) With the new multi portal set-up, will there be a limit to the number of sender domains you can link in a Zoho Campaigns account?

A) Currently, we do not have any limitation to the number of sender domains in Zoho Campaigns. However, we recommend you send the campaigns from the domain through which the recipient subscribed to receive emails from you.


Q) What is the difference between email activity condition and email action trigger?

A) An email action trigger helps you begin a workflow by selecting a specific email and a particular engagement metric associated with that email. Let's say, it's an email for an upcoming sale and you want to include only those contacts into your workflow who clicked on a specific link provided in this email. That's when an email action trigger will be useful. As for email activity, it's a condition that determines the paths in your workflows. You can choose multiple responses in this condition.

With the email action trigger, you will be able to take into account multiple responses for the initially sent email. The email activity component can be used when you use multiple triggers in a workflow, in order to trigger emails based on the selected emails response.


Q) How does Subscription Management function in the updated workflows? How is it going to help me engage with the contacts better?

A) Subscription Management is included in the updated workflows in the "Actions" category. Here you can determine the apt topics for the contacts by managing their subscription.

You can let your actions be governed by the tastes and preferences of your contacts. Their behavior pattern will help you let them opt-out, opt-in from specified topics.


Q) Can I create a webinar-specific workflow by triggering it around a specific date?

A) Yes, you can opt to select a specific date under the "Date-field trigger" and create your workflow around that. You can determine the criteria for every contact so that you can allow only the apt contacts to go through this workflow.



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