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Understanding the new Topic Management and CRM setup migration

Zoho Campaigns introduced a couple of feature updates last year, which included an advanced Topic Management setup and an updated Zoho Campaigns—Zoho CRM sync. The users had a year's time to understand the changes and implement them. In this webinar, we take you through the migration process and the relevance of these changes.

Q1. Can the September 30 deadline be extended?

A1. Yes. Users who have not yet transitioned to the new Topic Management and/or updated Zoho Campaigns—Zoho CRM sync setup can do so by June 2023. We will provide the specific dates in the near future. Please write us at support@zohocampaigns for any assistance with respect to migration.

Q2. Do these changes impact journeys? If so, how?

A2. No, it won't impact your existing journeys until you edit and reactivate it.

Q3. Once you complete the migration, will journeys need to be reactivated?

A3. No, your existing active journeys will be active even after the migration. You do not need to reactivate the journey until you edit and change the journey. We will only ask you to assign a topic once after you edit it.

Q4. How are previous unsubscribes handled once the migration takes place?

A4. The previous unsubscribed will not be affected once you have migrated to the new topics management.

Q5. We haven't used Topics so far, but I see that it's mandatory for all organizations. When we migrate, will we experience any issues?

A5. You will not experience any issues. This will further enhance your marketing strategies and deliverability. We have made Topics mandatory to provide a better experience for you and your users in sending the right emails and choosing what they want to receive respectively. Hope this clarifies. Please drop us an email at support@zohocampaigns.com, if you have any queries about migration. We can guide you through.

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Vipasha Sinha

Product Marketer