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Learn how to use email marketing for small business to build customer trust

How email marketing helps small businesses build customer trust

In the initial stages of business development, every small business strives to establish strong customer trust. So, to give some extra push and turn the efforts of a small business owner into a next big success story, we have packed up a video loaded with email marketing solutions and the best practices that help build unshakable customer trust.

Q1 : How does workflow help in retaining customer trust?

A1: You can layout a perfect plan to retain your customers by using Zoho Campaigns' customer retention workflow template which are as follows: 

  • Getting Product Review
  • Simple Loyalty Building

With the "Getting Product Review" template, one can follow up with the customer to collect their valuable feedback after they have used your product or experienced your service.

Once the contacts enter this workflow series, a periodic retention email will be sent to them and later the feedback will be collected.

This platform will aid the customers to voice out their opinions and in turn, helps the brand to understand them.

The "Simple Loyalty Building" template can be used to nurture your customers periodically and build brand loyalty. 

Once the contacts enter the loyalty-building workflow template, a series of retention emails will be sent for a period of ten days. The retention email will nurture the contacts and in turn build customer loyalty as well as strengthen the hard-earned customer trust.

Q2: What are topics and how to set up topics for my Zoho Campaigns account?

A2: Every contact in your list will have a unique interest. So to cater such different needs, you can let your contacts select the topic that interests them. Once the topic is selected, the newsletters from that particular topic alone will be sent to the interested users.

The first step before setting a topic is to choose a topic hierarchy plan as either " Brand- product - topic" or " Brand - topic "

The Brand - product - topic can be used by brands that provide multiple product options to choose from. Here you will first provide details of different products and later add topics under each product.

The Brand - topic can be used if the brand provides a single service and wants to set up multiple topics.

After choosing a particular topic hierarchy click on, configure the topics to add or edit topics. Once you have added the topics map them to a particular mailing list and set up the topic preference page in the landing page or email. The preference page should be designed in such a way that it clearly displays various topics the users can choose from along with a simple description for every topic.

The same way you can edit the thank you page, which will be displayed once the contacts submit their topic preference.

Once you have drafted the topic, click on enable topic management to make your topics live.

Q3: Subject line or content which decides my emails success rate?

A3: Before we understand this, let us refresh our memory by recalling what is an open rate. So, the open rate reveals the number of emails opened or viewed by the recipients from the total number of emails successfully delivered.

The open rate depends upon the quality of the first point of contact in your email campaign. So, that makes it clear that a quality subject line plays a vital role as it is the first thing your recipients will see even before opening your email. 

An eye-catching, unique and personalised subject line will drive your recipients to open your email and in turn, increase your email open rate.

However, when it comes to determining the success rate of the email campaign in general, both the subject line and email content play an equal role.

When the subject line stands as the face of your email campaign, email content, on the other hand, plays a major role in keeping your contacts engaged.

Also, we recommend that you use A/B testing to decide on a quality subject line and engaging content

Q4: Is it possible to promote my email campaign for better reach by including social share button?

A4: Yes, you can promote your email campaigns easily by including the social media share button. This can be easily achieved by choosing the social merge tag category provided under the merge tag option, in your campaign editor. 

The social merge tag comes up with various options to choose from such as icon or link tag for social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. 

By using the social merge tag, your email campaign contacts can share the email content on social media platforms, which will, in turn, make your email campaign reach a wider audience.


Vinaya M

Product Marketer