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Email Designs To Create Perfect Email Campaign

Email designs are important in fetching eyeballs and determining the various metrics of engagement from email recipients. Be it images, fonts, colours or layouts, email-designing adds the necessary ingredients to make your marketing approach more meaningful to the eyes and minds. Check these email campaign designing methods to make sure that you tick all the important points before reaching out to the world. 


We couldn't attend to all the questions during our webinar. However, we have answered them in detail here. 

Q1: How does Zoho Campaigns ensure that all templates are responsive? Are they in fact all responsive?

A1: Yes, the templates are responsive. You can send a test email and check how it looks in different mail clients. Our responsive templates fit in both mobiles and desktops.This is done keeping in mind that many people nowadays open emails from different devices. 


Q2: Can I use bright colours in my email template?

A2: Yes, you can give bright colours in your email template but very carefully. You will have to research about the occasion and the purpose of your email. Smearing the email template with fonts of different colours or making the template excessively colourful might attract scrutinisation from inbox service providers. Sometimes colours can be pleasing and sometimes they can not work well with email recipients. Always use colours fit for the event, product and the brand. If you are communicating in a B2B email then try to keep it plain and simple. If you are sending email to a client well known then you can experiment with colours but judiciously.


Q3: Are the fonts provided in Zoho Campaigns supported in all email clients? When should I know which font to use?

A3: The fonts that are given in Zoho Campaigns are supported in all the mail clients. On a guiding note, Serif and Sans Serif are much easier to read. You can use these fonts where the email content is comparatively healthy in words. Display style is a font more favoured as headings often leading the readers to the main content. Handwriting style of font is casual in its appearance and is well suited for conversation with long known contacts. They work well in promotional emails too. Monospace on the other hand is a style emanating typewriter style imprinted letters, so you can use them in case you want to provide equal spacing between letters throughout the email.


Q4: Do all the templates (those responsive) auto adjust the images such that the format is maintained?

A4: Yes, they do auto adjust when viewed in different mail clients. The image width is automatically adapted in accordance to the different devices and platforms.


Q5: When should I use which layout?

A5: Email layouts for different scenarios:

- Pyramid layout for scenarios where a hero image or an attention grabbing element slowly conveys the messages and leads the viewers to the CTA

- Inverted pyramid works best for discounts and coupons where the breadth of email elements slowly narrows down

- Z pattern of layout can be chosen for newsletters where images and words can be both accommodated

- Divisions too are very helpful for newsletters as they too can allow the sender include more images and texts


Q6: Are there plans on adding more GIF images and pre-designed templates to Zoho?

A6: Yes, we'll be adding more pre-designed templates frequently and during holiday season. 


Q7: Can we use divisions option in Zoho Campaigns for text wrapping?

A7: Yes, you can use columns option to achieve text wrapping in your email template.


Q8: How important is it to personalize the subject line instead of the mail body?

A8: It is equally important, you can use the merge tags in the subject line to show the necessary information. Personalization in all levels should be achieved. This will sustain the interest of the reader from the time when the email appears in the inbox till the time it is read and action is taken. 


Q9: Does HTML template work for lead generation or only text template help in the cause?

A9: HTML and plain text emails both work effectively if used as per the requirements. They both help in lead generation, HTML templates though make an email more visually enriching. 




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