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Subject line, content, or email design? Know what matters the most.

In email marketing, an impression is created in parts at every stage.

Among them are:

- Subject line

- Content

- Email design

All these play a vital role in creating and retaining that impression. Even though they seem quite different, the connection between them in providing continuity, relevance, aesthetics and interactivity makes them a great team.

Q1: How do I create more effective subject lines?

A1: To create an effective subject line, you have to maintain its coherence with the content. This can only be possible with unique segmentation that informs you about your recipients' tastes and preferences. Being well-informed, now you need to cite the purpose of the email while being precise and maintaining a conversational tone.

Apart from this, ensure that your subject line contains no more than one punctuation mark, for example, wondering what to choose this summer?

You should also use appropriate cases. Some techniques such as incorporation of numbers and literary techniques in the subject line can also work wonders in providing credibility and uniqueness to your subject line. Lastly you should resort to A/B testing and check which subject line works best among your email recipients.

Q2: What are the best ways to create email contents that resonate with the recipients tastes and preferences?

A2: You should aim to put the spotlight on the subscriber or email recipient. Write the content in second person and express your priority for the recipients, their benefits and their problems. Make your content a platform to resolve your customers' problems or make it an avenue of information for your customers. Try to maintain the consistency between the content and subject line so that you can offer subscribers a much needed clarity. Your aim is not only to provide your message to your subscribers but to ensure that it is conveyed properly. For this you need to adopt simplicity and avoid complex words and technical jargon. Continue this modest approach and build a signature tone to create relevance among your subscribers. 

Q3: Can you give some factors in the content that a spam filter uses to judge an email? like links or spammy words etc?

A3: Spam filters will look for spammy words, multiple redirection links in the content. You can find more details here.

Q4: Does html email result in more email going to spam folder than plain text email?

A4: The result of an email going to spam folder is purely based on the content which you use in the subject and content part. 

Q5: How do I craft and incorporate fruitful design elements in my emails?

A5: Always remember that emails in the present days are mostly read from mobile phones thus you should make the email template responsive in different platforms and devices.

You should focus mainly on responsiveness of your design and follow these methods:

- Keep the font size of your email content between 10-16 points

- Add alt text to your images as that will inform your recipients about the image in a device or platform where it is not rendered properly

- Provide bulletproof button so that your buttons are rendered well across all ESPs

Last but not the least, you should employ your email designs to create a recognisable pattern among your subscribers and newer customers. Your use of images, colours, fonts and other elements should be continued for a considerable time so that every email recipient recognises you via these elements. 

Q6: How to add alt text in images?

A6: You can access the image editor option while designing your email template. There you can click on the 'add image' option and add an alt text to your image.




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