Summary of updates to our Terms of Use

The Zoho Campaigns Terms of Use was updated on 16th August, 2022 and will be in effect from 16th September, 2022. Here's a summary of changes for your reference. The major change we've made pertain to the introduction of our own gateway of Zoho Campaigns through which users can send SMS Campaigns to their recipients. These changes have been incorporated to ensure that all your messages conform to the latest SMS laws and regulations. This guarantees that your recipients relate to your brand and your engagement rates improve.

This document covers only the significant changes in the Zoho Campaigns Terms of Use and is intended to explain the reasons for the changes. You understand that reading this document is not a substitute for reading the modified Terms of Use. Please do read the full text of the revised Terms of Use.

1. We have renamed the section "Prohibited Activities" to "Restriction on Use" and we have introduced a few additional restrictions with respect to your use of Zoho Campaigns for sending email and SMS campaigns. These restrictions are solely aimed at preventing misuse of Zoho Campaigns and to protect the interests of Zoho and its user base.

2. Under the head "Anti Spam Policy", we have now explained our policy relating to sending SMS campaigns through Zoho Campaigns.

3. We have added a new head titled "SMS Campaigns" and added two new sections under the SMS Campaigns head.

3.1. Under the "Monitoring" section, we have clarified that we have the right to monitor your SMS content in order to check if they are in violation of the Terms. Further, we have also clarified that we may share certain information with third party service providers and law enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with applicable laws.

3.2. Under the head "Suspension or Termination of SMS Campaigns Service" , we have elaborated on the instances where we will suspend or terminate your access to Zoho Campaigns.

Apart from the above changes, we have made some minor changes to make the Terms of Use easy to read and understand by removing unnecessary words and sentences and using consistent terms.

NOTE: We understand you might have questions, so feel free to write to us at: and we'll be ready to answer them for you.