Summary of updates to our Terms of Use

  • The Zoho Campaigns Terms of Use was updated on 15th November, 2017 and will be in effect from 15th December, 2017. Here's a summary of changes for your reference.

  • We've made three major changes:
    1. Transparency in sender identity: By adopting this technique, your emails become more familiar to your recipients.

    2. Authenticity in sending emails: Make yourself an authentic source by only sending emails to recipients who have specifically asked to hear from you.

    3. Clarity in sending practices: Stay well within the margin of bounce and spam rates by following the new threshold limits on campaign-related metrics.

  • These changes have been incorporated to ensure that all your messages conform to the latest email marketing laws and regulations. This guarantees that your recipients relate to your brand and your engagement rates improve.

  • NOTE: We understand you might have questions, so feel free to write to us at: and we'll be ready to answer them for you.
  • Here's a detailed explanation of the major changes:

    Sender information in all of your emails

    To help your recipients relate to your brand better, we've introduced a means by which you should include a separate section containing your personal/company's information in every email. By including your sender information, your emails are more transparent for your recipients, and they can easily get to know more about your company. We assure you that your information is confidential, and only appears in the emails you send from Campaigns.

  • Permission-based recipient engagement

    We've made some revisions to 'recipient consent' element of Campaigns, and as suggested, your emails should only be sent to people who have given their consent. It's important for your subscribers to consciously give consent to receive your content. Only then will you be considered an authentic source. Keeping in mind high bounce and unsubscribe rates that some organizations receive, we've introduced this change so that you only connect with interested subscribers from now on.

  • Threshold limits to regulate sent emails

    We've made certain limitations when it comes to spam complaints, bounces, spam trap hits and unsubscribes—a threshold is set on each of these attributes so that your sending cycle does not exceed our specifications. As a result, you can keep watch on these rates through the reports and set a clear pattern for sending emails. However, if your account is found to violate these threshold limits, Zoho Campaigns retains the right to terminate your account. To know how these changes have been made, please take a look at our new Terms of Use.