Latest Podcasts

  • Episode #7

    Hit Refresh: Email marketing for the modern times ft. Jason Rodriguez

    It's important to find the right balance of elements in email marketing campaigns because we care about our brand, customers, and the whole email experience. Jason Rodriguez of Litmus is a marketer, writer, email geek, teacher, and product evangelist, and he joins us to explain how modern email marketing strategies can achieve that balance during the current times.

  • Episode #6

    The complete guide to small business email marketing ft. Gail Gardner

    Small business owners are popularly using email as a channel to establish a brand presence and nurture potential customers. Gail Gardner, a small business strategist and the founder of GrowMap, joins us to discuss how small businesses can successfully adopt email marketing.

  • Episode #5

    Building a strong educational community with email marketing ft. Bri & Elaine

    Email marketing empowers educational institutions by helping them build a strong student network, connect with faculty and alumni, and increase admission requests (and thus overall engagement). Bri Loesch and Elaine Armbruster from The Ohio State University join us to list some best strategies for email marketing campaigns based upon their own experiences.

  • Episode #4

    Things to know while designing your email campaigns ft. Anne Tomlin

    As marketers, it's important to understand how to design responsive emails that convert. Anne Tomlin, the founder of Emails Y'all, is an expert in HTML email coding and a designer who stays up-to-date with all the latest design trends. She joins us to talk about key points to remember while designing email campaigns.

  • Episode #3

    Aligning marketing and sales to increase new customers ft. Jeff Davis

    From finding the best leads to nurturing and converting them, marketers and sales reps share many similar goals. Jeff Davis, founder of JD2 Consulting Group, joins us to discuss how marketing and sales alignment can help businesses increase new customers and revenue.

  • Episode #2

    Effective email marketing strategy ft. Russell Dawson

    Emails can be used in all stages of the lead-to-customer cycle, hence they're an essential component in a marketer's toolkit. Russell Dawson, Founder of Email Rut and an email marketing expert for more than a decade, joins us to talk about strategies marketers need to use to grow their email marketing ROI.

  • Episode #1

    Everything about email templates and design ft. Ted Goas

    Design and development are integral components of an email campaign. They're also definitely the most time-consuming ones. Principal product designer Ted Goas, joins us to discuss email design systems and how to build one for your brand, as well as to share personal anecdotes. He also gives design best practices for email newsletter templates.