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Zoho Campaigns integrates with Zoho Reports to help you build your mailing lists made out of analyzed data reports. The integration lets you import subscriber data from your database tables into Zoho Campaigns. You can map custom fields in Zoho Reports to Zoho Campaigns to maintain your subscriber lists the way you want. 

Learn more about how to integrate your Zoho Reports and Zoho Campaigns.

Step 1: Sync Details

  1. From the Navigation bar, select the Subscribers module.
  2. Click All Subscribers
  3. Select the Sync tab and click New Sync.
    • Sync Description: Give your sync a name
    • Database Name: Choose the database you want to sync with.
    • Table Name: Select the table with necessary subscriber data.
    • Choose which rows to import:
      • All Subscribers: All subscribers from your Reports table 
      • Criteria: Only subscribers meeting the criteria you specify (e.g., Email isn't  empty)
    • Mailing List Details: Select the mailing list in Zoho Campaigns to which you want to import the contacts.
  4. Click Save and Continue.

Step 2: Map Your Fields

You can map fields of the table with your Campaign fields, choose a Reports field and map it with corresponding Campaign field . Mapping the email address field is mandatory. However, you can add custom fields from your table by checking the New Field option. You can edit or delete a mapped field by clicking the respective icon displayed beside the mapped field.

Step 3: Configure sync

You decide how often data is imported from your table. The data can be retrieved just once, or you can set it to occur daily, weekly, or monthly depending on your requirements.

  1. Select a sync frequency:
    • Retrieve Data: It is for a one time import.
    • Sync Frequency: Set the import frequency to recur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.
  2. Select the data to be retrieved:
    • All data: Imports all subscribers' data from the table.
    • After: Imports only those subscribers' data that have been added/modified after the specified date and time.
  3. Click Initiate.


  • Once you set the option for import (All Subscribers/Criteria), you will not be able to edit the preferences. To use different criteria, create a new sync.
  • To enable sync frequency option, there should be atleast one calander field in your table.

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