Import Subscribers from Paypal

Integration with Paypal

Zoho Campaigns enables integration with Paypal. This integration process is a simple one-time process. Once you have integrated your Campaigns account with Business or Professional Paypal account, subscribers are automatically updated into the selected list based on the transactions that happen in your Paypal account. 

Steps of integration

You can integrate your Campaigns account with Paypal. Initially, you need to choose a list and generate an IPN URL. To generate an IPN URL,

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Settings and select Integrations.
  2. Mouse over Paypal and click Connect. A popup will appear.
  3. Select a mailing list.
  4. An IPN URL for Paypal account is generated.

In your Business or Professional Paypal account, follow the steps to associate with your Campaigns account.

  1. Login with your credentials.
  2. Click on Profiles and then choose Other Options.
  3. Click on Selling Tools tab.
  4. Click update parallel to Instant Payment Notification under Getting Paid and managing my risk section.
  5. Update your IPN URL to integrate with Paypal.

After integration, new subscribers if any will be automatically updated to your mailing list for any purchase or payment made via the associated Paypal account. 

How does it work?

Zoho Campaigns generates an IPN URL which acts as a listener. After integration, Paypal sends all transaction related notifications to the listener URL. These events are processed by the listener URL and extract out subscriber information which is in turn added to the associated mailing list. So, you can get all your subscribers from Paypal with minimal efforts.

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