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Social Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns offers Social Campaigns as a quick and simple way to reach a wider audience and engage your followers on social media with your campaign. Be it posting a campaign on social media or creating custom linked tabs on your Facebook page,Zoho Campaigns offers an easy and effective solution.

In Social Campaigns, we’ll discuss the advantages of using social media for your business, and the features of Social Campaigns such as cross platform updates (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn), Post Campaigns and custom tabs for a page campaign.

What can I do with Social Campaigns?

Zoho campaigns provide a multi-dimensional approach to social media through post campaigns, page campaigns as well as the option of sharing your email campaign on social media.  Let’s take a look at the different applications of social campaigns:

  • E-commerce - Promote your brand by posting updates, on promotional offers on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Promotional offers - Create a page for your company and put custom linked tabs to attract the visitors to like your page. Convert fans to customers by offering promotional offers.
  • Event Promotion- Promote an important event such as a conference, workshop or a training program.
  • Teasers- Reveal tidbits to build up anticipation for your upcoming product.

Connecting with Social Media Accounts

Zoho Campaigns integrates with social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. You can start a Post campaign, a page campaign or share email campaigns across al three platforms simultaneously.
Connect to Facebook   | Connect to Twitter   | Connect to LinkedIn  

Post Campaigns

You can post status, links, quotes, questions or images on social media, and track the response. You can also auto-publish blogs to your social media platforms to keep your subscribers updated about your business.
Create Post Campaign | Stats and Reports for your Post Campaign | Create Post Campaign | RSS based Post Campaign

Page Campaigns

You can create custom linked tabs on your Facebook page with the option to close the offer period and measure the results especially the conversion from page visitors to fans and fans to customers.
Install Page Tab App | Create Page Campaign | Promote Page Tab

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