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Generating Subscribers Through Signup Forms

Signup forms are the most popular tools for building a subscriber database. They let your website visitors become subscribers by entering basic details such as name and email address. The best part about signup forms is the fact that subscribers who sign up through a form are giving their consent to receive newsletters.

In this guide, we'll take you through different phases of signup form creation, how to share your signup form online, and understand form reports and analytics.

Creating a Signup Form

Build a signup form and publish it on various platforms to earn subscribers to your organization. Click to explore the different phases involved in creating a signup form.

Choosing a Form Template | Customizing Signup Form | Setting up Thank You Pages and Signup Response Emails | Publishing the Signup Form

Check out some helpful tips that would make your signup form function more efficiently.

Associating Automation Tools for Signup Form

These advanced options let you associate automation tools with your signup forms to perform various actions, as specified, on the subscribers. You can push your subscribers into two different automation tools: CRM and Workflow. Learn how to associate now.

Push to Zoho CRM | Push to Workflow

Helpful Tips

Add subscribers to a mailing list - Always have a dedicated mailing list for subscribers coming via the signup form. This will help you group your subscribers in a specific mailing list rather than sending them to All Subscribers.

Choose the right template - It is always good to do some homework before you select a signup form template. Look at different elements such as website complement and layout, comprehensiveness, and length before selecting a template that meets your requirements.

Include multiple lists - Always give your subscribers options about what type of information they want to receive. You can do this by including the check box for receiving more newsletters on different topics.

Email Frequency - Subscribers are very conscious about how frequently they receive email newsletters. We recommend that you to mention the frequency of your email newsletter output.

Less is more - This is a simple principle to keep in mind while creating a signup form. Try to provide fewer fields to fill in, only adding them when you feel it is mandatory.

Avoid too many mandatory fields - Users often become apprehensive when entering their mobile numbers on signup forms. An ideal signup form will have fields for the user's name, email address, and city. Anything beyond this can be offputting for subscribers.

Engage subscribers after sign up - Don't limit a subscriber’s engagement to filling out the signup form. One of the best ways to engage subscribers is by redirecting them to a landing page.

Include Privacy - Subscribers are wary about how you deal with their data. It is always best to have a disclaimer that you are serious about the privacy policy.

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