Manage Users

Manage Users

Zoho Campaigns by default has two roles Standard Admin and Standard Users. Standard Admin handle the user activities and deals with organizational tasks. Each organization must have at least one administrator to handle critical operations such as user invitations, user access, and account removal. Standard Users are members who actually do work on the product itself.

In this user guide, we'll walk you through operations like how to invite your colleague, get an administrator access, remove a user from an organization and much more.

Moreover Standard Admin can create different custom roles and assign privileges for those roles according to their requirement. Check out the Roles and Privileges page for further details.


  • For exisiting accounts, users with admin privilege will be migrated to Admin role and other users will be migrated to User role.  
  • Privileges of Admin and User role can be edited whereas the privileges of Standard Admin and Standard User roles cannot be changed.
  • Both Admin and Standard Admin has the privileges to remove users in any custom role.
  • If Admin changes his/her role to Standard Admin, then they cannot change their role.

Add User

You can add to a maximum of five users to an organization. Only the admin can send invites to add users.

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and choose Manage Users.

  2. Click Add drop down on top right corner of the page and choose User.

  3. Enter the email address user name and in the dialog box that appears.

  4. Click Add to send an invitation email.

When the user accepts your invitation, they will be added to your organization.


  • By default users will be assigned to Standard User role. Their role can be changed by Standard Admin if required.

User status

In Users, you can find out what the status of your users are. There are seven different statuses,

  • Active – The user is an active member in your campaign and has the access to your organization.
  • Invited – An email has been sent to the user to join your organization.
  • Associated – The user has clicked the verification link sent with the email but hasn't joined yet.
  • Inactive – The admin has barred the user's access to the organization.
  • Ignored - The user has not opened the invitation email.
  • Re-invited - The user has been sent a second invitation email.
  • Declined - The user has ignored the invitation emails twice.

How can I remove myself ?

For users

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and choose Users.

  2. Click Remove Self .

A removal request will be forwarded to the organization admin.

For Standard Admin

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and choose Manage Users.

  2. Click Remove Self.


  • If you are the only administrator in your organization, then you should assign your role to another user before you exit the organization.

Remove Standard User

To remove a user from the organization,

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and choose Manage Users.

  2. Click Remove from the Org.

  3. Click Remove User.

Change access permission from Standard User to Standard Administrator

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and choose Manage Users.

  2. Click Assign Role.

  3. Change the role of the user from Standard User to Standard Admin in the New Role drop down.

  4. Click Assign.

Use Cases

Which members of the organization can manage all users?

Standard Admin manages all users by handling operations including adding users, removing users, granting or revoking privileges.

Can I invite a person who has declined two invitation emails?

You cannot invite a person who has declined invitation emails from your organization. However if you still want to invite someone who is declined, contact

Where can I view the list of users in my organization?

Navigate to Settings and choose Manage Users to see all the users in your organization.

What is the maximum number of users my organization can have?

You can add to a maximum of five users to an organization. To add more than five users to your organization, contact .

How can know a user's  role?

From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and choose Manage Users. User role is displayed beside the username.

How can I resend an invitation email?

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and choose Manage Users.
  2. Click Re-Invite.


  • This option is enabled if the user denies your first invitation.

Can I invite a previous Zoho Campaigns user to join a different organization?

Yes, once a person has been removed from an organization, it is possible to invite them to join another organization.

How many times can I send invitation email to a person?

Invitation emails can be sent twice to the same person. If two consecutive invitation mails are ignored, no further invitations can be sent. If you want to invite someone who has ignored two invitations, then contact

Can I invite someone who is currently a user in another organization?

An invitation can be sent to the user, but he/she has to be removed from the other organization to join your organization.

My Zoho Campaigns account was deleted a few months ago. How long will my data remain with Zoho Campaigns?

User data is backed up for 6 months. If you have deleted your account within 6 months, you can restore your data.

How can I reactivate my Zoho Account after deletion?

To reactivate your account, just sign up with your email address again. You will receive an email with instructions to restore your account.

I have received an invite but I would like to join the organization via my other email address. What should I do?

Contact your organization administrator and request them to send an invitation email to your preferred email address.

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