Campaign Settings

Campaign Settings

Merge Tags

Personalize your messages with your recipient's name and other details by using Merge Tags. This is a smart tag that fetches recipients' data from the mailing list into your message. You can personalize the subject and also the content.

Learn more about Merge Tags  

Create Campaign Themes

Design a header and a footer to match the appearance of your email campaign. You can also design a theme with customizations, brand colors, and social share buttons of your choice and keep it as a consistent theme for all your email campaigns. 

Create a custom theme using the following instructions:

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Settings and select Themes.
  2. Select My Themes and click Add New.
  3. Add a name for your new theme. Set your created Campaign Theme as a default.
  4. You can optionally use Clone Theme to duplicate the background color, font style and size, alignment, and other customizations from a previously created Campaign theme.
  5. Click the Create button.


  • First time users will see "Create My First Theme" instead of "Add New ".
  • Once you set a theme as default, it'll get associated to all your Campaigns.

Signup Pages and Emails

Zoho Campaigns lets your subscribers update profile, tell a friend, resubscribe and unsubscribe via email footer links. The link to do all these activities will be present at the footer section of the email that you send. On the create campaign page, you can include only those activities you wish to let your subscriber do. However you cannot remove the option to unsubscribe. On clicking the links, pages related to that particular activity would open. Zoho Campaigns allows you to set up signup pages and emails that a subscriber would see after signing up to your organization. You can change its look and content the way you wish. 

Here are the various steps involved with the customization of these pages. 

  1. Go to the Settings tab from the Navigation bar and click Themes
  2. Select the Signup Pages and Emails tab.

  3. A page with a list of various activities related to subscription will appear. 
  4. Select the activity you want to preview.
  5. Choose the type of page or email you want to customize from the set of options listed under the selected activity. 


To customize the pages

  1. Click the Edit icon present to the right of the content. 


  • Unlike double optin while subscribing, recipients will not be asked for a confirmation while unsubscribing from a mailing list. They can remove themselves from a mailing list when they want to, with a single click.
  • However, they will be asked for a confirmation whether they want to unsubscribe from the organization or not.

To display footer notes in your email

  1. Click the Settings icon present in the top right corner of this section.

  2. Click Edit button and turn the toggle switch on show footer message in your email.

  3. Click Upload image link, if you wish to add logo in the footer note.
  4. Now, click Save Preferences.

Zoho Campaigns allows the customization of these pages with respect to a particular mailing list.

How do I customize header and footer links?

Display links are located in the header and footer that show background information such as sender of the email and provide links such as Update profile and Tell a friend.

Header Customization

  • View in Browser Option:This is the banner of an email campaign and provides an option to open the email in a separate browser. Your recipients can click on the link View this email in a browser present in the header section of the email. On clicking that link, email opens in a new window where the following tabs appear.

Footer customization

  • Sender and Recipient data: Displays the sender and recipient email address at the footer of the email campaign. This option is enabled by default.
  •  Unsubscribe: Allows recipients to unsubscribe from further email. It is enabled by default as every email campaign should have an unsubscribe link.
  • Update Profile: Allows recipients to update their profiles.
  • Subscribe: Allows recipients to further receive email notifications, updates and newsletters.
  • Tell-A-Friend: Allows the recipients to forward the email campaign to others.
  • Company details: You can enter your company-related basic information (name and address) in this section. This is to let the subscribers know that they have received the email from an authentic source. 
  • Social Profile: Recipients can manually share the email campaigns on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. You can also view the number of shares made by the recipients.
  • Footer Logo: Add your company logo by clicking on Upload a New Logo option. You can also provide your company's official address.


  • This enhancement also applies when recipients forwards the campaign to their friends.
  • You can share campaigns on social media where visitors can post comment as guests.

How to customize my campaign theme color & fonts?

You can make changes to the header and footer by using the editing options available at the top. You can make changes in font, size, color, alignment, and much more.

  • Ribbon: Increase or decrease the width of the ribbon of the header and footer.
  • Align:Align the message to the left or center of the ribbon.
  • Background:Change the background color of the ribbon.
  • Border:Change the border color of the ribbon.
  • Text:Change the color, font size & style of the text in the ribbon.
  • Link:Change the color, font size & style of all links.

Other Customizations

We also provide a few options to change the alignment of your content and enable social media plugins.

Center Alignment: This option enables you to align your email content to the center. Readability experience is high when content is center aligned.

Social Share: Lets your recipients to share your campaigns on social media.

List description: Enables you to give a short description of your list.


  • You can increase and decrease the space between page border and body of the theme by adjusting the pixels.

Notification Settings

You can receive timely notifications about your campaigns and mailing lists by configuring the notification settings.

Campaign Settings

You can setup a notification email that provides the reports of sent campaigns. The report will be sent as a link and a downloadable PDF based on the configured settings.

To setup campaign notification:

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and select Notification Settings.
  2. Navigate to Campaigns tab and do the following:
    • Choose the frequency of notification emails.
    • Select the timing and time zone details.
    • Select the users to be notified.
    • You can set number of days after, you want to receive notifications since the campaign is sent.
    • Check Link and Download as PDF check boxes to receive reports as link and as PDF respectively.
    • Click Save.

Mailing List

You can setup a notification email that provides the daily report on the number of new subscribers joining the selected mailing list. The report will be sent on daily basis and will provide detailed information about the newly added subscribers coming via Sign-up form or through APIs

To setup Mailing List notification:

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings and select Notification Settings.
  2. Navigate to Mailing Lists tab and do the following:
    • Choose the frequency of notification email.
    • Select the timing and time zone details.
    • Select Mailing Lists.
    • Click Save Preferences.

Custom Fields

Zoho Campaigns allows you to create your own custom fields for your contacts where you can store the extra information. With Custom fields, you can feed any type of information, set character limit and use them to save data which are specific to your business needs.

How to add custom fields?

To add custom fields, follow the steps below:

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Settings and select Custom Fields.
  2. Click the Add New Field link.
  3. Add the custom field type and provide the Display Label and Field Length.
  4. Click Add.

We have different field types to create diverse custom fields ranging from text area field to radio buttons.

Field TypeOther Details

To enter a simple text input

Integer To enter and validate numeric input

To enter a valid email address


To enter a valid phone number


Format: MM/DD/ YYYY

Date and Time


Pick ListSpecify the pick list values
Multiselect Pick list

To choose multiple values


To enter Percentage values.


To enter numerical decimals

Radio Buttons

To choose any one of the predefined set of options.


To select an option

Long IntegerTo enter numerals with maximum characters

To enter a web address

Text Area

To enter a text input with maximum characters, e.g. Description field.

Multiselect Checkbox

To display multiple checkbox options.

Applications of Custom Fields

Personalize your email campaigns

Every custom field you create can be converted into merge tags that can be used to personalize your email content. For example, you can remind a subscriber to pay their monthly balance using the merge tag related to the custom field where the due amount is mentioned.

Segmentation of subscribers

Make use of custom field as criteria to create segments and filter out the subscribers specific to an email campaign. For example, you can focus on subscribers based on custom fields related to geographical locations such as city and region. This would allow you to target your email campaign to the subscribers in that specific region.

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