Creating First mailing list

Creating your first mailing list

Once you create your Zoho Campaigns account, you'll be redirected to our welcome page, where you can start creating your first mailing list or email campaign.

To create a mailing list

  1. On the Welcome page, click the Create List button. The Create List page will appear.

  2. Provide information for these details/options:
    • Name – This is the name of your mailing list, for internal reference.
    • Help subscribers join this list - Enable it if you want subscribers to join your mailing list via signup form. Keep it disabled if you want to make your list private. 
    • Tell subscribers how you know them – Let subscribers know why they’re receiving this newsletter. This information will be added in the footer section of every email campaign.

  3. Once your mailing list has been created, you can use multiple methods to add subscribers.
    • Add subscribers – Manually add subscribers.
    • Import subscribers – Import subscribers from your computer, Zoho CRM, or Google Sheets.
    • Add Signup Form – Create your own signup form to add subscribers directly from various sources.

For more information, visit List Management in Zoho Campaigns 

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