Plain-text Campaign

Plain-text Campaign

These are simple emails without images or logos. The purpose is to send the message without losing any content. It has been found that plain text version shows a high degree of email deliverability.

How to monitor plain-text campaigns?

You can track plain-text campaigns by inserting links in your email content. All you need is to select the checkbox to enable tracking for the link inserted in the email content.

How are the links present in plain-text campaign tracked?

When you insert links in your email content, our domain-based links replaces them.

When a recipient clicks these domain-based links, they get redirected through our servers and lands on the original webpage.

What is the need to replace the inserted link by a domain based link?

These domain-based links are click-tracking URLs which goes through our server to track links present in the email content.


  • We recommend HTML and plain text for the content to reach hassle-free.
  • You will not be able to open and click reports summary in plain text content.
  • If you are using a Shortened URL, still we will use our domain based links to replace the existing links.

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