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Email Subject line

Personalize your subject -- the easiest shortcut to grab your subscribers' attention when they see the email in their inbox. Our easy-to-use merge tags help tailoring the subject to the audience.

Using Emoji in email subject line

This allows you to grab the attention of your subscribers by using emojis in your subject lines. It is an effective technique to increase your email open rates and get more subscriber engagement.

All you've got to do is click the Emoji icon next to the subject text box in the campaign creation flow and select the Emoji you want to use in your subject line. 

Using first name in subject line

Use your customer's first name by inserting a merge tag like this:

“Hey $[FNAME|Subscriber]$, Your Weekly Updates” would look like “Hey Subscriber, Your Weekly Updates”.

It is always suggested to use a standard subject rather than adding only  merge tags in the subject line.   

For example, if you want to send an email to a recipient about an order delivery, then it should look like   Hi $[FNAME]$, Your Shipment is Delivered rather than   $[FNAME]$.

Here are a few tips:

Avoid using an email address within the subject line.

  • Make your subject line crisp and to the point.
  • Set a default value in the merge tags. That will act as a replacement if your customers' first names are not updated in the subscriber list.
  • You can also use the last name in subject merge tags.

Sender Name

Sender Name should always be a recognizable name for the subscribers. It is preferable to give your company or brand name in this field.


  • Avoid using your personal name.
  • Never use an email address in your sender name field.

Personalize your recipients

Add your recipients’ name, address, and other details by using merge tags. Merge Tags are smart tags that pull recipient specific data directly from your mailing list into your email message. You can also add merge-tags to the subject and/or the content.

Adding Merge Tags to personalize your content

  1. Click the intended merge tag.
  2. Copy the merge tag related to the first name, last name, or email address.
  3. Paste the tag in an appropriate place in the content. (For example, if you want to replace address the recipient by his first name, copy the related merge tag “$[FNAME]$” and paste at the right place in the content.
  4. Click Save & Close.


  • If you plan to import your campaign, copy and paste relevant merge tags in your HTML.
  • If you select HTML editor/Text editor, copy and paste relevant tags corresponding to their position within your content.

Personalize sender details using Zoho CRM Data

Using Zoho Campaigns, you can send an email campaign with a personalized sender name and email address of a Contact/Lead owner who is associated with that record in CRM.

What is alternate sender name and sender email?

If the Contact/Lead owner's name/email address is not present in Zoho CRM, then you can add value in Alternate sender name and email which will be used to send the campaign. 


  • To avail this enhancement, the user must have integrated Zoho Campaigns with their Zoho CRM account and have at least one active sync running.

Using Zoho CRM data to personalize the content

You can also use CRM based merge tags, which automatically pull information from your CRM account. All you need to do is add relevant merge tags in your campaign content. The merge tags pull specific data from CRM based on how the information is requested within the email content.

This means you need to be cautious in placing the merge tags in an appropriate way.

These are the merge tags that will fetch the information from the Zoho CRM account:


  • If a record field has missing data, you can provide a default value to replace the missing information in email content. For instance, if the merge tag for account manager's name is $[CRM:CONTACTOWNER]$, you can add a default value and social default value similar to this $[CRM:CONTACTOWNER | Patricia Boyle | Patricia]$.

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