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Litmus Email Test

Test how your email content looks in various email clients and devices by running a Litmus test. This test will help you see how well your content renders across different platforms so you can optimize your content to be responsive in the platforms used the most by your subscribers. 

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Getting started with Litmus

Litmus credits can be purchased only if you are under the Subscription plan. However, once purchased these credits don't expire, and you can use them anytime irrespective of your plan. 
One credit costs $1 and you can perform five tests per credit.

How do I purchase Litmus credits?

  1. Click Subscription from the top-right corner. You will be redirected to the Zoho Payments page. From here, you can view all the products you have purchased from Zoho, and manage them on a single platform.
  2. Navigate to the Litmus section under Zoho Campaigns. 
  3. Click Buy Credits and enter the number of credits you want to purchase.
  4. Click Save

If you haven't upgraded to the subscription plan, upgrade so you can buy the required credits. Learn how.

How do I perform a Litmus test?

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, select Campaigns and choose Regular Campaigns
  2. Click Create Campaign in the top-right corner.
  3. Fill in the basic info, draft your content, and select your recipients. 
  4. In the Review step of the campaign, navigate to the Email content preview section and click the link Start litmus test
  5. Choose whether you want to test your content in All clients and devices or in Specific clients and devices
    • If you choose to test in all clients and devices, you will be able to view your content preview in 25 different clients and devices. This test will use 5 credits. 
    • If you choose to test in specific clients and devices, you can create a maximum of five sets, each having a combination of 5 clients and devices. You can choose to test from among these sets. This test will use 1 credit per set. 
  6. Once you've made your choice, confirm and proceed to view your content preview in all your selected clients and devices. 
    Note: Connecting with Litmus and generating the preview might take a few minutes. 

You can perform Litmus tests for Advanced Campaigns also. 

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