Import HTML

Import HTML

If you are ready with your HTML designs and related CSS, you can browse and select the HTML file along with the related images and upload them.

To import the HTML content,

  1. In the Content stage of email campaign creation flow, select Import/ Upload
  2. Click Upload from Computer.
  3. You can drag and drop the files or upload the HTML and related image files in Zip folder.
  4. Click Import to upload the files.


Here you need to upload the HTML file designed for your email campaign.

All images which include logo, banner, and CSS files should be in a single zip folder. Make sure that you zip the images folder and not the images. We’ll extract the images from the .zip folder.

If uploading the image zip folder is unsuccessful, it can be one of following reasons:

HTTP resource

  • Typo error – Recheck the spelling of the images and its code in HTML.
  • 404 Error – This error occurs when the image is removed from the website.
  • Authenticated session access – Particular image is taken from a site which requires an access into the website.
  • Not a public image –You have to have private privileges to access this image.

Non-HTTP Resource

  • Please check if the zip folder contains the image.
  • Recheck the spelling of the images and their codes in HTML.

HTML Editor

You can design your own HTML content using our HTML editor and you don’t have to take the trouble of importing your HTML files along with the related images, logos and CSS files.


  • Avoid using any embedded videos & options for dropdown list, radio button, checkbox and iframe.

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