Customize My Email Campaign

Customize My Email Campaign

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Header and Footer Customization

Customize the look and feel of your header and footer details. You can add, or edit the following:

  • View in Browser: This is the banner which helps to open the email in a separate browser tab/window.
  • Update Profile: It lets the customer to update his profile.
  • Subscribe: It lets the recipients subscribe to email notifications, updates and newsletters.
  • Tell-a-Friend:It lets the recipient to share the campaign content.
  • Unsubscribe: It lets the subscriber unsubscribe from your mailing list. The contact will be moved to Do Not Mail Registry.

If you don't want to these links to be reflected as part of the Header & Footer section, you can use Merge Tags to embed Header & Footer links within the campaign content. 

Merge Tags

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  • If you have selected None (No Header and Footer) as part of the campaign theme, then you must add the unsubscribe tag $[LI:UNSUBSCRIBE]$ to your campaign content. Only then will you be able to disable the header and footer.

Share your email campaign on social media

You can also include merge tags for sharing the email campaign on Facebook, Twitter and, LinkedIn. This will allow your subscribers to share your email campaign on social media. Let’s take a look at the different types of Social Share Tags.

In the content configuration page, you can find social share tags on the right side. Just copy the specific merge tag and paste it in your campaign content. We’ll provide the link or icon depending upon the type of merge tag selected for the sharing.

Link Based Tags

These are social sharing links which allow your subscriber to share the campaign on social sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

To share on Facebook - $[SS:FBLIKELINK]$
To share on Twitter -$[SS:TWTWEETLINK]$
To share on LinkedIn - $[SS:LNSHARELINK]$

Icon Based Tags

These are social sharing icons which allow your subscriber to share the campaign on social sites such as Facebook, Tweeter, and LinkedIn. In an icon based tag, “Like” is the title tag and “Like this” is the Alt text for the icon.

To share on Facebook - $[SS:FBLIKEICON|Like|Like this]$
To share on Twitter - $[SS:TWTWEETICON|Tweet|Tweet this]$
To share on LinkedIn - $[SS:LNSHAREICON|Share|Share this]$

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