How does automation work?

A well-planned communication strategy is the pillar of email marketing automation, because the process is entirely based on the triggers and actions you define. These triggers are usually set up around behavior metrics and profile information. Subsequently, an action takes place whenever a contact meets the trigger's definition.


How Zoho Campaigns fits into the picture

Zoho Campaigns helps you engage your audience with personalized and behavior-centric emails. Following a trigger and action system, our automation capabilities let you send a series of emails as well as build a criteria-based email journey. From onboarding to nurturing and re-engagement to retention, you can configure automated emails for every marketing aspect without breaking a sweat.

Drag-and-drop email workflows

Bring engagement strategies of any kind to life using Campaigns' drag-and-drop workflow builder. Our completely customizable workflow templates help you craft an email journey specific to your sales cycle. Visualize your strategy, build an action flow, define your messages and triggers, and sit back and let Campaigns do the rest.

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    Nurture and engage your leads and contacts

    Welcome, onboard, and nurture your contacts with the right set of email triggers while moving qualified ones to your CRM system. With Zoho Campaigns, you can implement each of these steps based on audience interaction, increasing the probability you'll retain them as customers.

    engage your leads

    Design strategies to meet your needs

    Set up your strategy in no time with ready-to-use templates that cater to any occasion. You can also customize your strategy using our drag-and-drop builder that comes with your email workflow templates.

    Design strategies
engage your leads
Design strategies
Email marketing

Email marketing in the sphere of marketing automation

Email marketing can act as a vital cog in your marketing automation wheels, allowing you to send timely messages across various touchpoints and influence customer interactions. Email goes well with other marketing channels as it can underpin content, link to social media pages and resources, and more. Its versatility and immediacy means you can lead your audience wherever you want.

Harness the power of email marketing automation with Zoho Campaigns

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