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Zoho Campaigns vs. Mailchimp

  • Price  

    2500 Contacts


    $60 /month

    5000 Contacts



  • Design  

    Custom coded templates 

    Available only on higher plan

  • Email Marketing  

    Unlimited emails  
  • Account & User management  

    Invite users

    Up to 20


    Pre-built workflow templates  
  • Automation  

    Add contacts from multiple triggers (form, list etc) 

    Available only higher plan

    Multiple workflow automation paths 

    Available only higher plan

  • Ecommerce email marketing  

    Pre-designed newsletter templates  
    Store's revenue vs. email-based revenue  
  • Cross channel marketing  

    SMS marketing

    US, Canada, India

    Limited Capability

  • Help & Support  

    Migration Support  

What sets us apart?



Segment your email list based on 50+ preset fields (such as country or gender) by leveraging our automatic, advanced, and easy-to-use segmentation method. You can add a single or multiple criteria, all this and more with a single click.


Seamless scaling

Expand your marketing efforts by integrating Campaigns with a multitude of Zoho applications. Nurture leads through Zoho CRM, boost webinar registrations with Zoho Meeting, and gather valuable insights through Zoho Survey and accomplish much more.


Workflow automation

Zoho Campaigns supports advanced automation by enabling you to add your audience to a workflow from multiple sources, such as lists and sign-up forms. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to add users to various automation paths or entirely new workflows.


Emails without limits

Engage with your customers based on your need as there are no arbitrary email sending limits holding you back. This level of freedom and flexibility expands your reach and empowers you to make the most of your email marketing efforts.


Smart user management

Experience seamless collaboration and efficient management with Zoho Campaigns. Modularize organizational activity and delegate mundane operational tasks for maximum productivity and efficiency with .Zoho Campaigns.


Custom templates

Zoho Campaigns provides custom-coded templates to users on all plans. This empowers coders to craft and code templates that align precisely with their preferences and branding and grants them complete control over the user experience.


SMS marketing

Connect with your contacts more quickly than ever. Zoho Campaigns’ short messaging service allows you to send SMS campaigns to your contacts anywhere at any time and include them in your workflows.


List-based and campaign-based comparison reports

Analyze your audience engagement rates in depth with list-based reports. Compare, analyze, and measure the performance of your email campaigns with campaign-based comparison reports.

Discover how much you can save with Zoho Campaigns!

Number of subscribers: 25

$6 Zoho Campaigns
$279 Mailchimp

Savings with Zoho Campaigns (Monthly)

$264.35 (96%)

Complete email marketing bundle


Forever-free plan

Take your first step into email marketing with our forever-free plan and create 12000 personalized emails per month for 2000 contacts.


Free three-channel support

We’re available to guide you through your email marketing journey at no extra cost. Reach us by phone 24/5 or through email 24/7. To provide you with an instant solution, we have plenty of user guides and downloadables stocked up in our resource library.


Integrate and make better progress

Access more than 40 in-house Zoho applications using single sign-on (SSO) and bring in the data you require. You can also seamlessly integrate with other business applications, social media, and ecommerce solutions.


Supported on all platforms

Zoho Campaigns is available on platforms including cloud, Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android.

All-in-one email marketing platform

  •  Add, segment, and manage all your contacts with ease
  •  Email automation using our ready- to-use workflow templates
  •  Customize your email campaign
  •  Choose a ready-to-use email template
  •  Combine your email campaigns with SMS campaigns
  •  Multiple campaign scheduling options to improve open rates
  •  Build your own workflow from scratch
  •  Comprehensive campaign reports

Here's why our customers love us!

"It is much easier to use email lists on Zoho Campaigns than any other company, like MailChimp or Constant Contact."

Nicolas Quijano

Owner, DesignIt4Free

"Zoho Campaigns is one of the best email marketing software platforms I have ever come across. It's amazing to use, and I am very much impressed with the report system—and it's user-friendly as well. Thanks Zoho."

Paneer Selvam Xavier

Productivity Optimization Manager, Infonet Institute

"We have a distinct pathway from freemium to premium that works and is getting better every month through Zoho Campaigns' reports, analytics, and application."

Damian Hall

CEO, Venue10

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