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  • Automatic bulk segmentation



  • Merge tags



  • Dynamic content



  • In-house CRM integration


    Zoho CRM


  • In-house CRM Integration for small businesses


    Bigin by Zoho CRM


  • Responsive email templates



  • Subscriber scoring



  • Facebook page and post campaigns



  • Drag-and-drop workflow



  • List-based and campaign-based comparison reports




What sets Zoho Campaigns apart from MailChimp?


Automatic bulk segmentation

Create different segments of your email list based on the criteria you set (ex: country, gender, etc.) by leveraging our automatic, advanced and simplified segmentation method. All done with just one click.

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Integration with in-house CRM platform

Bridge the gap between your sales and marketing efforts by integrating your Zoho CRM account with Campaigns. Easily sync and organize your contacts and effectively track their response levels to your campaigns.

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Integration with Bigin by Zoho CRM

Simplify and optimize your entire small business workflow by seamlessly integrating Zoho Campaigns with the in-house CRM software for small businesses—Bigin by Zoho CRM.

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List-based and campaign-based comparison reports

Analyze your audience engagement rates in depth with list-based reports. Compare, analyze, and measure the performance of your email campaigns with campaign-based comparison reports.

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Drag-and-drop workflow

Visualize your email marketing strategy using our drag-and-drop workflow. You can easily build a workflow by adding triggers and processes based on your contacts' email activities and then automate them all.

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$625Zoho Campaigns

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Forever-free plan

Begin your email marketing journey with Zoho Campaigns' forever free plan. Start by creating 12,000 personalized emails per month and send it across to 2000 subscribers at free of cost.


Visually impressive emails

Choose from our pre-designed, responsive templates or design your own. Play around with our drag-and-drop editor and dynamic content as you make your email campaign as engaging as it can be.


Easy subscriber management

Create multiple segments in a single step with automatic bulk segmentation. Simplify targeting and qualify subscribers by scoring them based on their activities and profile information.


Powerful and customizable automation

Save time on repetitive tasks by automating your entire email marketing. From welcome series to re-engagement series, you can trigger any action for any scenario with our workflows.


Easy integration with Zoho CRM

Integrate with our in-house CRM—Zoho CRM—to seamlessly sync subscribers and perform your sales activities with ease. Connect with a wide range of apps from our Zoho suite, bring in more subscribers, and start engaging them.


Real-time analytics

Observe your marketing’s progress with reports on email opens, clicks, and more. Get a deeper understanding of your campaigns' performance with our advanced analytics, including detailed, campaign-based and list-based reports.


Free support

We have dedicated support experts who can assist you over emails 24/7 and over calls and emails 24/5, Monday-Friday—all for free. Plus, users can access our repository of help guides and downloadables anytime.

Why customers love us!

  • "Zoho Campaigns is one of the best email marketing software I have ever come across. It's amazing to use, and I am very much impressed with the report system, and it's user friendly as well. Thanks Zoho."

    Paneer Selvam Xavier, Productivity optimization Manager, Infonet Institute
  • "It is much easier to use email lists on Zoho Campaigns than any other company like MailChimp or Constant Contact."

    Nicolas Quijano, Owner, DesignIt4Free
  • "We have a distinct pathway from freemium to premium customers that works and is getting better every month through Zoho Campaigns reports, analytics and application."

    Damian Hall, CEO, Venue10

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