Lead management

Engage, empower, and earn customers. 

Lead management

In this 'age of experience,' information about your brand is abundantly available, and almost 65%-90% of purchasing decisions are made even before your sales team pitches in. It's important to get leads to notice your brand and offer them the best experience well before your competitors do.

After acquiring leads, you need to pass them through different stages of evaluation before marking them sales-ready. This makes acquiring and qualifying leads challenging. Lead Management addresses this problem by helping you attract leads, nurture them in the best possible way, evaluate their sales readiness, and hand over the best bets to your sales team.

Capture leads from various sources.

Let all your inbound and outbound marketing efforts work wonders for you. Get more leads for your business by adding forms to your website, landing pages, and social media posts. You can even count your event and webinar attendees for your potential leads since they have already shown some interest in your brand.

Know your leads better and give them the best.

The first step towards understanding your leads is to garner information about them. Track them from your campaigns to your website, see how they engage with your website by following the pages they navigate, and group them according to their interests.

Keep your leads active and engaged.

Now that you know what your leads are looking for, start giving them that, even before they ask. Build a rapport with them by offering them the most relevant, personalized, and informative content. Put your leads into different nurture series according to their interests, and make them feel more connected with your brand.

Pick the best leads based on engagement levels.

Add scores to your leads based on how they engage with your email campaigns and your website, and choose the most active leads. You can also tag leads according to the common interests they share. After analyzing the scores, if you feel a lead is more engaged and sales-ready, move them forward in the sales funnel. If you think a few need more time, put them into a fresh lead nurture series and evaluate again at the end of the series.

Give your sales team the top leads.

Once you evaluate and identify your prospective buyers, pass on the details to your sales team. This way, you not only help your sales team prioritize their follow-up activity, but also cut down the amount of time spent on lead research time, so they can win more deals in less time.