Nurture your leads from the very beginning.

Building relationships and increasing your subscriber base does not have to be complex anymore. With lead nurturing, you can move your leads forward in the sales cycle and increase your sales. Engage each of your leads in the best way by providing them with the appropriate information, and improve the prospects of turning them into potential customers.

Grow your lead base.

Effective lead nurturing turns more buyers into repeat customers. Connect with each of your leads and send out emails with relevant information. Target them individually, and add tags to your leads based on their interests and activities.

Send automated email series.

Send out timely and automatic follow-up messages to your list of recipients, and make your communication with your leads effective and enduring.

Track nurturing reports.

Get detailed reports on the reach of your nurturing process. Assign scores to your leads to see where your leads stand and know how they interact with your email campaigns. Send emails to leads who have missed your previous messages, and also keep on top of those who follow your series.

Conveniently manage your leads.

Have you successfully nurtured a lead and turned them into a full-time customer? Get them out of the ongoing series by configuring a simple stop condition so you can focus on nurturing the remaining leads on your list.

Carry out the series at your pace.

Send out your emails on your own schedule. You can disable the series when you no longer need to share information with your leads. You can also pause individual messages, stopping them from being sent to your list.