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Email marketing for Journalists
Email marketing for Journalists

Stand out

With so many news websites out there, it is challenging for journalists to make the world hear what they have to say. Studies suggest that the average person spends less than 15 seconds reading any article online. There's a decent chance that someone might choose a cute cat video over your article.

On the other hand, if you reach out directly to your readers through emails, it ensures they do not miss out on a great story. If your readers consistently see emails from you about a topic they are interested in, they'll start looking forward to your next article.

Studies suggest that the average person spends less than 15 seconds reading any article online. 

Detail is the key

Time and space constraints often limit the creative flow of writers. Your editor can chop a story in half because of an advertisement, or for a breaking news story that needs all the attention.

Reporters also have to constantly fight against the deadlines. Sometimes, there is just not enough time to file an in-depth report.

Detail is key
Detail is key


Let your subscribers know what happens behind the scenes.

As journalists, you have access to places and conversations that the rest of the world wonders about. Some of these incidents cannot be accommodated in the news reports. You can let your readers into your world through emails and show them how the industry works.

Also, you can take your readers through your day during important events like the elections. For instance, you can write an elaborate post about the buzz inside the newsroom when the election results finally unvailed. This will give your subscribers an insight into the world of news.

Behind the scenes also humanizes your news organisation. Some companies also show their fun side through their newsletter like photographs of their office outing. This helps people put a face to the name and help in building a better relationship with their subscribers.

Reach your readers

Over the years, you'll have earned a trusted reader-base who follow what you write, because they have a keen interest in your area of expertise. When you have something to say, make sure it reaches everyone who's interested in what you write.

Reach your readers
Reach your readers



Build a base
Build a base


Build a base

Most journalists have a blog or a website where they publish their work. Notify your audience whenever you have a new article up. You can also send personalized emails to your readers and further strengthen your relationship with them by wishing them well on birthdays, or by sending a welcome message when they sign up for your newsletter.

Build a base

Write stronger articles

Every once in a while, a newsroom will run a poll or survey for an article. There are tools that can be used to reach out to your specific target audience rather than blasting emails to your whole list.

Write stronger articles
Write stronger articles


  • How can Zoho Campaigns help Journalists
  • Get more subscribers
  • Ready-to-use templates
  • Responding made easier
  • Merge tags that help
  • Conduct quick surveys
  • Know your audience

How can Zoho Campaigns help Journalists

Get more subscribers

Sign-up forms can be used to invite more subscribers. These forms can be made available on your blog or news website. Also, The numerous emails you get on a daily basis from all your sources and contacts can be used to build your subscriber list. You can create different lists based on the interests of your audience.

signup form

Ready-to-use templates

You can choose from many templates that can help you present the news better by either choosing a template or customise the layout that suits the story. You can add images and infographics to make your work more appealing. Photo journalists have the option to upload more photographs that couldn't be published.

Responding made easier

If you are working on a series -- for instance a series of interviews with tennis players or a series on global warming -- you can schedule the emails to your readers for them to read them one after another and let them know about the hard work you have put in to get the story out. Zoho Campaigns' autoresponders are meant to help you engage better with your readers by sending a series of automated messages based on their activity.


Merge tags that help

Subscribers can use RSS on your blogs or the news site where you publish your work. You can create an RSS-to-email campaign using RSS Merge Tags.

rss merge tag

Conduct quick surveys

Zoho Campaigns can be used to collect data from your subscribers by integrating Zoho Campaigns with Zoho Forms or Zoho Survey.


Know your audience

To know how people are responding to your work, you can make advanced reports offered by Zoho Campaigns that will help you understand what your audience like. Based on this, you can plan your upcoming articles.

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You can start with the free plan—which allows up to 2,000 subscribers in your mailing list and 12,000 emails per month—and as you grow, you can always upgrade your subscription to something that suits you better.

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