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Zoho Campaigns integrates with Zoho Invoice to help you build your mailing lists. You can map custom fields in Zoho Invoice to Zoho Campaigns to maintain your contact lists the way you want.

Learn more about how to integrate your Zoho Invoice and Zoho Campaigns.

Set up sync

Fill in the required fields in the Sync Details page:

  1. From the Navigation bar, select the Contacts module and choose Sync Services.

  2. Navigate to Zoho Invoice sync setup and click New Sync.

    • Select Organization - Select which of your organizations you want to sync.
    • Choose which contacts to import,
      • All Contacts - All contacts from Zoho Invoice.
      • Criteria - Contacts meeting the criteria you specify (e.g., Country is India)
    • Sync to Mailing List - Select the mailing list in Zoho Campaigns to which you want to import the contacts.
  3. Click Save and Continue.

Map your fields

Basic details such as email address, first name, and last name are pre-mapped. Mapping the email address field is mandatory. However, you can delete the contact name field. You can map additional fields by clicking on Map More Fields link.

Configure sync

You decide how often data is imported from Zoho Invoice. The data can be retrieved just once, or you can set it to occur daily, weekly, or monthly.

  1. Select a sync frequency,
    • Retrieve Data- One-time import of contacts.
    • Sync Frequency - Set the sync to recur on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

  2. Set the Sync Time Choose your preferred time and time zone to import contacts.

  3. Select the data to be retrieved:

    • All Data: Imports all contacts from Zoho Invoice.
    • After: Imports only contacts that have been added/modified after the specified date and time.
  4. Click Initiate.


  • Once you set the option for import (All Contacts/Criteria), you will not be able to edit the preference. To use different criteria, create new sync.
  • Any contact that has an invalid email address will not be imported.
  • To enable sync frequency option, there should be at least one date field in your table.

Sync Detail View

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Contacts and select Sync Services.

  2. Navigate to Zoho Invoice sync setup and click Active Syncs.

  3. Hover over sync and click View Details.


Edit Field Mapping

You can re-map or Map more fields for your sync settings by choosing the Edit Mapping in the Edit drop down.

Edit Retrieval Detail

You can edit the retrieval details such as retrieve interval, data to be retrieved and sync contacts configuration by choosing the Configure Retrieval Details in the Edit dropdown.

Import Details/History

Use this option to get a detailed history of the contacts synced from Zoho Invoice to Zoho Campaigns. You can see this in the detailed view of the sync.

Total ContactsContacts imported/synced in a single fetch.
New ContactsContacts added to the Campaigns organization.
Re-added ContactsContacts already deleted in Campaigns account but now added again.
Duplicate ContactsContacts already present in Campaigns account.
Ignored Contacts> Contacts are not added to the mailing list.
Deleted ContactsContacts deleted in Books account and getting updated in Campaigns as well.

Ignored Contacts

Contacts are ignored during the import if they fall under one of the following categories,

BouncedContacts bounced from the recipient's inbox, or email addresses do not exist.
Do-Not-MailContacts added to the Campaigns organization.
Group Email(s)Contacts having a role/group email address. For e.g. info@, administrator@, careers@, service@, support@, etc.
File Duplicate(s)Contacts present more than once in the file.
Invalid Pattern> Contacts with an invalid pattern; e.g.,
Empty email addressContacts whose email address field is missing.


Change ZSC key

You can regenerate your ZSC (Zoho Service Communication) key by copying the ZSC key from your Zoho Invoice account and pasting it in your Campaigns account.

To change your ZSC key,

  1. Log in to Zoho Invoice.
  2. Click Settings at the top-right corner of the page and select Integrations.

  3. Click Zoho Invoice ZSC key tab and then click Regenerate ZSC key.

  4. Next you will need to log in to Zoho Campaigns.
  5. From the Navigation toolbar, choose Contacts and select Sync Services.
  6. Under Zoho Invoice, select Active Syncs.

  7. Click Edit under Settings tab of Zoho Invoice.

  8. Paste the ZSC key copied from Invoice in the Update Account Details window that appears and click Update.

Use Case

1. I am updating my ZSC key in my Zoho Invoice account. Will it impact on existing sync status?

Yes, the change will deactivate the existing syncs. In such cases, you need to activate all syncs manually. Once you regenerate the ZSC key, all previous syncs will become inactive, and you will need to enter the new ZSC key in your Zoho Campaigns account to activate the periodic syncs.

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