Market Using Social Campaigns

Social Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns offers social campaigns as a simple and quicker way to reach a wider audience and engage your customers with your campaign. Be it posting a campaign on social media or creating a custom linked tabs on your Facebook page, Zoho Campaigns has the solution for questions revolving around the buzz word Social media marketing.

Indeed, Social Campaigns is a modern way to socialize your prospects or customers by sharing your updates and messages. In this module, we’ll discuss on how to build your business on social media through posting a campaign and attract visitors and fans by introducing promotional offers using custom tabs for a page campaign.

Applications of Social Campaigns

Zoho campaigns provide a holistic approach to social media through post campaigns, page campaigns and sharing your email campaign on social media.  Let’s dive through the different ways to get benefitted by social campaigns.

  • E-commerce - Promote your brand by posting updates, promotional offers on Twitter, Facebook & LinkedIn.
  • Promotional offers - Create a page for your company and put custom linked tabs to attract the visitors to like your page and convert your fans into customers by offering promotional offers.
  • Fund raising program – Promote your cause and create an awareness to raise donations.
  • Event Promotion- Promote your event such as conference, workshop or a training program.
  • Teasers on your upcoming product during the pre-release period of your product.

Connect Social Media Accounts

Zoho Campaigns integrates with social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn so that you can post your campaign, start the page campaign and share your email campaign on social media.
Connect Facebook Account | Connect Twitter Account | Connect LinkedIn Account

Post Campaign

Zoho campaigns has a mechanism to post your status, links, quotes, questions or images on social media sites, all in one place and you can either post immediately schedule at a later time.
Create Post Campaign | Campaign Report

Page Campaign

Zoho Campaigns offers Page Campaign where you can create custom linked tabs on your Facebook page with the option to close the offer period and measure the results especially from the page visitors to fans and fans to customers.
Install Page Tab App | Create Page Campaign | Promotion Stats | Promotion Reach