Creating Signup Forms

Creating Signup Forms

Before you create a signup form, you must have a mailing list to link the form with and add subscribers to the list automatically.

Signup form creation is divided into five phases:

  • Choosing a form template - Choose a signup form from the available designs based on your needs.
  • Customizing the signup form  - Customize the font, color, style, and additional fields in your form.
  • Adding thank you pages and signup response emails - Draft confirmation email messages and customized thank you pages.
  • Publishing the signup form - To generate signup form code, URL, and button so that you can share it on online platforms.

Choosing a form template

Choose one from our template gallery and customize it to your needs. Learn how to choose a form template for your mailing list.

Select a TemplateCompact Forms | Long Forms | Forms Library

Customizing the Signup Form

Design the overall look of the signup form by customizing it with respect to fields, layouts, images, captchas, and more special elements. 

Customize Form | Customize Fields | Add Logo | Customize Layout | Add Special Elements

Adding Thank You Pages and Signup Response Emails

Design and host your own thank you page, and customize your autoresponder content. Explore the various thank you pages and emails the subscriber would see on signing up.

Set up Signup Thank You Page | Set up Confirmation Email | Set up Confirmation Thank You Page | Set up Resubscribe Email

Publishing Your Signup Form

The final phase of the signup form creation process is to publish it on suitable platforms thereby turning the visitors into subscribers. We have provided signup form code for various options here.

Website Code | WordPress Code | Short URL | Button | Raw HTML | No CSS | No JavaScript | Facebook page | Iframe Code | QR Code

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