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Updating every single social networking site with your posts is cumbersome and eats your valuable time. Post Campaigns is a simple way to post your updates and check the related activities such as likes, comments, shares, retweets, etc. Let’s look at the steps on how to create a post campaign.

To create a post campaign,

  1. Click Social Campaigns module >> Post Campaigns.
  2. In the Create Post Campaigns page, enter the name and description to identify easily.  
  3. Click Save to proceed.

New Post
1. In New Post page, Choose Post Option, you're going to share with your followers and fans on social media.

  • Status - Any status message you wish to share. It could be your business related activity, fund raising event or awareness on a social cause.
  • Link - A URL to a particular website can be shared. For e.g., it could be your own website to increase your site traffic.
  • Quotes - Impressive quotes that suit or match your business methodologies can be shared.
  • Image – Go viral with your image and spread your message through images.


  • By uploading an image to Zoho Campaigns, you agree that you have the right to use and reproduce the image and that the image does not include any prohibited content.
  • Supported image formats - jpg, jpeg, png and bmp.
  • Image file size limit must be less than 1 MB (approx 1024 x 1024 pixels) for each.

2. Select the social sites to post your campaign.  


3. Choose any of the options given below:

  • Save as Draft – You can save your Post Campaign as a draft so that you can complete it and send later.  You can find you draft campaign in post campaigns subtab.
  • Click Post Now to post your campaign immediately.
  • Click Post Later, to schedule your campaign to be posted at a later stage.

Note:  You can click Add New Post to create another post in the chain.

Campaigns Report

See how your post campaign performed on social media and watch out for your fans and followers reaction such as likes, comments, shares, retweets to your posts. Make changes in your business based on those trends and use the virtual world in a smarter way.

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