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Make sure that you’ve created a page for your company and installed our page tab app so that you can add your custom linked tabs. You can create a Facebook page by following the link: https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/

Install Page Tab App

Before you create and start your page campaign, it is important to know on how to install a page tab app on your Facebook page. A page tab app is the window to get visitors attracted towards the promotional offers, in turn would market your brand effectively. We’ll take you through the step by step process, so that you can try it as you read the steps.
To install page tab app in Facebook page,

      1. In the Social Campaigns module, click Page Tab App.
      2. In the page Tab App page, click Install Tab App button (you can find it straight to its respective page).
      3. It’ll prompt you with a popup to enter name and upload an image to your page tab app.
      4. Give a name to your page tab app and select an image for the page tab app. (Image should make the visitor to get attracted)

      5. Click Create to install the app on your Facebook page.


  • Make use of update the details or delete the tab options.
  • To add another page in your Facebook account, click the link “Add a Facebook Page” which will redirect to your Facebook account.
  • You can clone your Page Campaign to add a new one rather than creating a new page campaign from scratch.

Create Page Campaign

To create custom page tabs,

      1. In the Social Campaigns module, click Page Campaigns.
      2. In the New Page Campaign page, enter the campaign detailssuch as name and description to identify easily.

      3. In the same page, integrate your Facebook account and select the page where you want to publish your campaign.

      4. Click Next to proceed.

Content Configuration

      1. In the Content Configuration page, add both normal content and Page “Fan” content. It means you need to create two contents, one for visitors and another for fans.

      2. To create content, you can select out of different options such as Templates, Import/ Upload, HTML Editor. Learn more on How to create content?
      3. Click Next to proceed.

Start Campaign – You can start the campaign immediately or Schedule it for a later time and you also have the option to end the page campaign by selecting the date & time.

Share Your Page Campaign with Social Sites

Make your page campaign visible to your fans & followers on Social media by sharing the page campaign on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Getting access to discounts on Facebook page is one of the main reasons why people follow businesses on Facebook.  To promote your social media, click social share button after publishing the tabs on your Facebook page.

Promotion Stats

You can view the complete stats for page views, number of new fans and the number of fans who viewed the custom tabs. You can analyze the customers and bucketize them into different segments and focus, accordingly.

Promotion Reach

Find out the number of visitors who liked your custom tabs and the geographical location of your fans so that you can expand your business in that region.

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