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Subscriber Custom Merge Tags

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Subscriber Custom tags are those, that the user defines according to his needs from a list of contact fields and the custom field data. This gives you the liberty to use more number of fields than just the usual email, first name and last name.

Subscriber Custom Merge tags allow you to choose either of the two fields,

  • Pre-defined fields
  • User defined fields

Pre-defined fields are fields set by default which are basic contact info in the sign up form / add contact page. Fields like contact email, first name, last name, company name, phone and etc.

Decide on a field you want to address your subscribers with, define the tag, your mail default value and social default value. There are no tags that are defined by default in this case. You’ve the freedom to define your own tag for your own understanding, reference and easy usability.

User defined fields are fields that can be used to address your subscribers, only if you've created a custom field. If you’ve, then select the field and define the tag, your mail default value and social default value.

Having said on what merge tags are all about, we will now, guide you on how to easily use these tags to make your campaigning experience neat.


Create Subscriber Custom Merge Tags

The flow of using these tags in your content is pretty much the same, except that you need to create a set of tags.

  1. From the Navigation toolbar, click Settings.
  2. Select Merge Tags under Customization.

  3. In Merge Tags page, click Create and select Subscriber Custom Tag.

  4. This will prompt with a pop-up box.
  5. Now, select the field at the subscriber custom field drop-down box. Define the following,
    • Merge tag – This is a tag replaced by the data from your contact details.
    • Mail default value – This is a default value tag used in the email content provided the respective mapped field is empty.
    • Social default value – This is a default value tag used in sociaL media iprovided the respective mapped field is empty.

  6. ClickSave.

Please note that, during campaign creation, in the text editor, selecting a user defined field at the drop down menu will be possible only if you’ve created a custom field.

Learn more on how to create a custom field for a mailing list.

Using Subscriber Custom Merge Tags

  1. In Content section of campaign creation, select one of our content options such as designed templates, or HTML editor or any other option.
  2. In Merge Tags section, select Subscriber Custom Tags.

  3. Click on the tag you want.
  4. Click Save and Proceed once you're done with your content.

For e.g., If you want to address your subscribers with their secondary email address copy, paste the tag in your content $[UD:SEC]$ or $[UD:SEC|ABC|CBA]$


  • Merge tags can also be used for Call Back URL's, campaign subject and for list details known as List Link tags.

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