Workflow Automation

Zoho Campaigns' workflow automation enables you to categorize subscribers based on their behavior and information, then perform various actions. Workflow can be beneficial to you in completing tedious tasks in a jiffy.

In this guide, we'll walk you through the different types of workflows, how to choose and create the right one for your business, view workflow summary and reports, and much more.

There are three different types of workflows, each serving a particular purpose 

  1. Instant Workflow 

  2. Time-based Workflow 

  3. Activity-based Workflow

Instant Workflow

Instant workflows trigger as immediately as the defined criteria is met. Learn how this workflow will be beneficial to you.

Understanding instant workflow | Creating an instant workflow | View workflow report

Time-based Workflow

Time-based workflows trigger at the specified time. Gain knowledge on when and where you can use this workflow.

Understanding time-based workflow | Creating a time-based workflow | View workflow report

Activity-based Workflow

Activity-based workflows trigger when subscribers perform the activity specified. Learn how to create this workflow and associate activities with it.

Understanding activity-based workflow | Creating an activity-based workflow | Associating activities with workflow | View workflow report

Managing Workflow

Learn how to clone, edit, group and perform many other actions on workflows.

Editing a workflow | Cloning a workflow | Freezing a workflow | Shutting down a workflow | Grouping workflows | Workflow statuses

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